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About Me

Fern Avenue Blog is a home improvement, crafting, cooking and DIY blog written exclusively by Lynn Fern unless otherwise noted.

Lynn also owns a furniture refinishing business with the same name, and has a booth at Newburgh Vintage Emporium. 

Currently Lynn calls Cornwall, NY her home where she resides with her husband and 2 daughters.  They have recently rebuilt their home after a fire and furnished it with Lynn’s finds from auctions, estate sales, flea markets and wherever else she can score hidden treasure.  Lynn does all of the furniture painting and repurposing herself.

Before Lynn found her inner “DIY Spirit” she worked in the finance industry in Operations concentrating on establishing, building and maintaining client relations, due diligence and trades. 

Even though she has been blogging since 2012, Lynn just began promoting the “Fern Avenue” brand as recently as July 2014.  Since attending the Haven Conference she has placed her focus on providing quality content to her readers.  Fern Avenue looks to educate its readers and promote the products Lynn uses by featuring her favorite brands and products.  She continues to grow her social media presence on a daily basis and is seeing a steady increase in followers, readership  and page views.


Thank you for your interest in sponsoring my blog, On Fern Avenue

I would love the opportunity to discuss advertising options with you!

I try to feature a new post 2-3 times a week. I join many different blog parties each week which increases exposure and traffic.

My social media stats have increased consistently each month and they continue to rise with followers, subscriptions and page views on a daily basis. I believe this is due to forming and creating key relationships. Several of my projects have been featured on different blogs since inception including HomeTalk.  

It is important to me that I bring honest reviews of products I can support myself.  I believe in maintaining a valuable reputation among my readers.  

I am also open to product reviews, and giveaways.  Do you have an idea of what you'd like to do?  Let's connect to see what we can do!

All sponsorship's are billed and payments can be accepted through Paypal.

Contact me by email to chat about how our businesses can grow together!


Contact Information - 
I  cannot guarantee that I will review a product if mailed directly to me.  I only provide my honest opinion about products.  I don't write negative reviews, but instead will just not write about the product.  However, if it is a product that I like, I am happy to write a review.  I will notify the company prior to publishing.

Disclaimer of my blog content: 
All images and content on this blog are 100% my own unless I note otherwise.  

You are welcome to Pin images to Pinterest.  Please make sure you give me credit.  Also, please make sure if you are giving me credit the pictures are mine.  If they do not belong to me, please go to the source and give proper credit.

I love when my content is shared, but if you do so, please always provide a link back and give me credit.  I'd appreciate it if you are using more than 2 images you contact me for permission.  I am usually more than happy to share my content with you, but please be respective and ask first.  I'd also ask that you do not remove watermarks from my photos.  


  1. Lynn,

    Your home is gorgeous! I wanted to comment on your PaPa's bench. I have my Grandpa's that looks almost exactly like yours! He too was a carpenter who in his early career built homes in Oklahoma! I wish I had your email address and I would send you a pic of my bench.

    Judy in OKC


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