FedEx - How as a Consumer Are we Protected

 Let's talk about delivery issues with FedEx! Here is my timeline of recent events.. Not including the 2 times in recent months that I had major issues with the delivery of my camera equipment. You tell me if I am being unreasonably upset.. Mind you I ordered this laptop in January knowing it needed to be built.

3/8/2022 - text from FedEx “picked up, scheduled for delivery.”

3/9/2022 - I look at tracking # to see it’s from Apple & that my delivery is scheduled for 3/15/2022 by noon (I rearrange appointments with clients to be home to accept package & sign)

3/15/2022 - By 10:30 am on 3/15 I checked & the status and it didn't say "on vehicle for delivery"

TWO hours worth of frustrating phone calls (transferred multiple times to different departments, dropped/hung up on, refusing to get me to a manager and then transferring me to customer relations where I demanded a manager).

THREE very different reasons (excuses) why my package was not being delivered despite FedEx website giving me a very clear expected delivery date/time.

Reasons: 1) it was a batch shipment from Apple & something was wrong per an email sent out, 2) then it was weather-related (no weather issues), and 3) then it was because it hadn't cleared customs even though I could see the update was that it had been cleared. 

5:27 PM - I get a phone call from Susan the manager that said she’d help. She had spoken to the Memphis hub, my package had been located & they would work to get it moved out. She said she’d follow up the next day.  

I filed a BBB complaint. I emailed corporate offices trying to get some help. 

5:46 pm EST - I received an email from Alberdeen De’ Claiborne (Executive Specialist/Executive Services) asking for tracking # and additional information.  

6:26 pm EST - I respond back with all information she requested

3/16/2022 - I heard nothing back. I emailed corporate and executive offices at 1:46 pm EST to ask for an update. My package despite being told by Susan that it would be moving out, it was still “Updated delivery: Pending”

NO communication from anyone all day.

I filed a complaint with Apple.

3/17/2022 - 10:28 am I receive a phone call from Alberdeen letting me know she was working on this, but she needed to let me know that Apple wasn’t being upfront in telling me this shipment was coming from China. That had no bearing at this point as the package was in the Memphis hub in the hands of FedEx. Apple is not and does not update the FedEx website with expected delivery. And, then once again I was told it’s on a pallet with 600 Apple items. bearing since 1) I was told by Susan my package had been located on 3/15/2022 and 2) if FedEx cannot handle the volume of a large company like Apple, then don’t accept a lucrative contract.

I was told by Alberdeen that she would provide me with an update. By end of day…still nothing.

Late evening I checked the status and see it was updated to “Updated delivery: Thursday, March 17, 2022 

by end of day”.  I still don’t have my package.  

FedEx rebutted my BBB complaint by saying they would have someone from Executive Offices reach out to me. Not acceptable to close out if no resolution has happened. 

3/18/2022 - 8:52 am EST the FedEx website shows “Updated delivery: Pending”

9:48 am EST I received a phone call from Alberdeen stating that she had located my package (that she had been working on my case all night according to her to locate my package), and that it was in a container. A container? I thought it was on a pallet with 600 other packages. Yes, in a container now because they have to move them from building to building. If my package is located & should've already moved out, why does it need to move from building to building?

Here we are on March 18, 2022, a full 2 months from the time I ordered my laptop. 3/18/2022, THREE full days since it was expected to be delivered by noon. A day in which I rearranged my entire schedule.

I've begged for an update, I've begged for them to tell me why if they know where my package is it hasn't moved. Nothing!

The laptop is needed for my work, my business.. it's not an item I just want to have. At this point I've wasted countless hours on the phone, researching and filing complaints. It's messing with my livelihood and causing more stress than necessary. I have followed up & escalated to Apple. I was offered a refund, but that doesn't help if I need something to complete my work. Apple contracts FedEx for a service and they are in complete breach of contract. The service is for a 1 - 4 business day delivery...that would have been 3/15/2022.

I have screenshots of every change in status, showing that it cleared customs & that it has sat in the Memphis hub. I have filed complaints with BBB & through Consumer Affairs via the Attorney Generals' office.

As a consumer, we should be protected even when we don't directly pay for the delivery service.

Where do I go from here? What's next?


Step Up To The Plate

Stepping up to the plate can take on different meanings for different people.  Batters need to be ready for a variety of pitches thrown.  

Besides football, baseball brings a bit of nostalgia meaning for me.  I played tee-ball & hit my first (& only ever home run), and then played baseball until girls no longer played on the coed team.  I lived in a small town that didn't have softball at my age.  And, my hero, my daddy coached baseball.

The familiarity I felt as I stepped onto the field today brought me back to my childhood.  Only thing was there were no flowers out in the outfield for me to be picking.  It's what all 5-year-olds do in the shortstop position, right!?!

As I stepped out onto the field today it was a whole different game.  A game that took a different direction.  It's a story that was already destined for a win, but then...

When you take that stance on home plate across from pitcher Connor Furst make sure you're ready...

As I took up my spot to snap a few photos across from Connor on the pitcher's mound, I only knew a portion of what was being pitched in my direction.  

Little did I know that it would be Connor that would be knocking it out of the ballpark.  A pitcher with an amazing story... Sit back, grab your tissues & be ready to have a dose of an amazing story of an incredible young man.

Let's back up a day or two... Throughout this crazy life event of the coronavirus, I knew I wanted to do something to help give back to our community.  I decided that I'd offer to photograph families from their front porch or outside on their property.  All donation-based, I take a couple of quick photos, they donate & I purchase gift certificates from local restaurants to help families that need meals.  A triple win (a grand slam in baseball terms) - families get a photo, donations help support local business & a family is fed.  

I posted about it on my Facebook page.  I immediately had interest, but one that came through from a friend that was telling me that her son wanted to donate money to help with the project.  We spoke on the phone, & I knew immediately I wanted to feature Connor here.  His story is a beacon of light that I can only hope will touch others the way it touched me.  

Please note: we kept within the social distancing rules.  All photos were used with my zoom lens, and we maintained the appropriate distance.  All of the questions/answers were done through messaging.  #doingourpart #allin

Shall we get to know Connor?  

Connor is a Junior at Cornwall Central High School that plays varsity baseball for the Cornwall Dragons as well as a summer team as a pitcher.  Connor wants to play baseball after high school for a college.  Right now his top school of choice is Springfield College.  

At what age did you start playing baseball?  I’ve been playing baseball forever it feels like. I starting playing tee-ball, and working my way up to where I am now.  

Life has taken this strange turn of events.  You’re finding yourself at home isolated from your friends, from school, and potentially for longer than we all anticipated.  This means that the spring sport that you play is most likely not going to have a season this year.  How do you feel about that?  Obviously, it’s frustrating for me to not be able to play baseball this spring, more because the weather this year allowed us to get on the field earlier than normal. Now the virus may even take the whole season from us. It’s no fun when the thing you have been working for is on the verge of just being taken away from you. There's nothing you can do about it but hope somehow that we can fit games in.  Almost my whole school year has been after school with the team in the weight room getting ready for this season.   In January we started to practice after basketball games every week putting in work to get better.  It sucks!

Through this unprecedented event, the coronavirus, how are you dealing on a daily basis with staying positive? To be honest I’m really ok with the learning part of school. I find it easier to log on every day, get your work done and boom it's done. Also, I love being able to sleep in, but obviously going to school every day is what’s best for everyone. I stay positive by always thinking it could be worse and just think about doing the best I can with the situation that is, unfortunately, happening right now.

Besides being a teenager going to school & baseball practice, do you work? I do have a job as a busboy/dishwasher at a local restaurant and enjoy working. My bosses are amazing and all the other staff is really just so nice.

Now that we’re being asked to stay home & only essential workers go to work, along with only delivery/curbside pick up.  You are continuing with doing deliveries & helping out.

You originally tried to not take a check, but your employer said no...   So you had this idea that you wanted to give back the money you make at your job for others to have a takeout meal.  Why’d you decide to do that?  And/Or how’d the idea come to your mind that you wanted to do that? Yes, I continued to work, and when all this happened I wanted to do it for free. I live with my parents, I am a teenager I don’t need the money. When my boss paid me I tried to refuse it, and told her to give it to someone else who needs it more than I do like someone who needs to pay rent, buy food for their families, etc. It was hard for me to take the money and to think it’s just gonna sit there when someone else needs it more then I do. I tried refusing my pay another time, and after that, I decided I wanted to actually do something with it. I talked to my mom about what I could do and how could I help other people who needed the money. I am so fortunate to live and be raised by my parents who have always taught me to always do the right thing & to be respectful, like holding the door for others, using my manners, etc.  Because of the way they raised me, they didn’t even have to tell me to refuse the check. I already knew that I wanted to refuse it. My mom & I talked for a couple nights about it, and the ways I could do something. She told me she could contact you and maybe you could help after reading your post on Facebook. There are other people out there who need that money to do those things for not just them, but their kids or maybe an elder living with them also. 

Wow, Connor what an incredibly selfless act!!  An amazing way to give back to the community.  I know your parents must be so very proud of you. 

Queue.. grab your tissues if you haven't already!

If there’s one thing about yourself you’d like others to know, what would it be? One thing I want everyone to know is to just do the right thing. Think of people who need something more then you do. Obviously not just give up everything you have, but simple acts of kindness go a long way with people. You never know what other people are going through because they don’t express it. It’s really a hard thing for me to talk about, but most people may or may not know I have depression. I have had suicidal thoughts and even had to go to a hospital for 3 days in September.  Everything has been getting better, and I’m on medicine to help along with seeing a therapist every week. Most people would be afraid to talk about it, but I’ve grown to not be scared about it. Mental Illness is a serious thing that can really affect a person and his/her family.  Just doing one or two nice things for others can help someone who is not in a good place & to just feel better.  It could even save people’s lives. It's these little things that make me want to do stuff like this, to make other people’s lives a little bit better the best I can.

Connor, I can't thank you enough for doing this!  It takes more than just a special person to want to give back.  Without blinking an eye, you are ready to give your hard-earned money in order to help others.  But, your selfless kindness is deeper than that.  Your positive light shines bright & you are the beacon of hope to many.  Your story means more than just's more than just a story.  Thank you for being the person you are, for putting yourself out there for others to know we all have a purpose & for doing this feature with me during such a trying time for all of us.

I didn't know Connor's story before today.  I certainly wasn't prepared for the pitch from the mound.  Even though he was pitching, he's the one that hit a grand slam right out of the ballpark!  The amount of tears that ran down my face while reading his text with his answers to my question could fill a bucket.  I hope this story brings some meaning to you, for it to touch your life the way it touched mine & to remember we're all going through battles of our own.  I am incredibly proud & blessed that Connor came into my life under the circumstance of both of us wanting to give back to our community.

You're a special young man Connor Furst!  Keep letting that light shine bright, you ARE a beacon of hope for many! 

With much love, peace & happiness 

WOW! I'm here, alive!

A couple of years ago I was rebranding my blog.  I wanted a motto that was me, and what I was about.  My logo is “enjoy the journey, create the destination”.

We all are on a journey in this life.  Sometimes we have tough decisions to make in this journey, sometimes it’s easy decisions, and sometimes circumstances happen that leave us with no choice.  In the end, the journey that we create lands us in our destination.  You are ultimately in charge of that destination.  

We’re human we make mistakes, we choose to not always do the right thing or sometimes we think we’re doing the right thing & we end up in a different place than we originally planned.

I have always believed even our mistakes can be a lesson, or simply a wake-up call to make necessary changes.  Life is all about learning, and making adjustments as we continue to live & nothing is ever easy.

Today my spotlight is a young man that has motivated me & inspired me to be a better me.  To take charge of the journey to create my destination.  Who would’ve thought a high school kid could do that right!?!  As adults we sometimes look past the younger generation & think we’ve lived well past their years, we’re older & wiser.  Yet, as I read through his story I realized I had my own lesson to learn here.  Life isn’t given, it can be taken at any moment, and that I need to take better care of myself.

Meet Connor Shapiro!  

I was casually scrolling through Instagram one afternoon & stumbled onto Connor’s story on his fitness page.  The picture was of him laying in a hospital bed with a black eye.  Curious as I am, I started reading his story.  Lucky to be alive at the age of 15.. All from a ski accident that 1. could’ve been avoided had he made a better decision & 2. thankfully he was wearing a helmet that allowed him to be alive today.  One misjudgment, one good judgment.  Each of which brought Connor’s journey to today’s destination.

Connor has created that destination to be one that is filled full of inspiration.  What could’ve been a road of depression, negative thoughts, and worse is quite the opposite.  His “I don’t care 15-year-old self” is now a “Be Grateful 17-year-old motivation”!

I had the opportunity a few months ago to take Connor’s Senior pictures.  I walked away saying to myself “this kid was a joy to spend a bit of time with”.  We talked like we had known each other for years, about life, where he was planning to go to college, etc.  He could carry a conversation while looking me in the eyes and knew how to start the next dialogue without an ounce of awkwardness.  I left that afternoon knowing there was something behind this kid that drove him to who he is.  Only a matter of time & that story would be revealed to me.  

Now I am reading his story (you can read here) & realizing the soft kindness that was within & just where it grew from.  I reached out to Connor to ask if he’d sit down with me to talk about who he is today!  

Connor Shapiro is a Senior at Cornwall Central High School who is looking at going into Health Sciences with a minor in either fitness or nutrition.  Currently, he’s looking at Monmouth University or Syracuse, good choices no matter where he ends up.  Connor decided after all of his injuries and being in & out of doctor's offices, that it all became very interesting to him and has decided to pursue something that will help others.  

You started a fitness journey due to a life-changing experience, which you posted on Instagram as a “near-death experience”.  You took that experience and turned it into a positive, inspiration for others.  That’s incredible for a young 15 year old to do, how’d you do that?  I wasn’t emotional or crying from being in pain, but I called my best friend Joey Holbrook.  When I heard how emotional he was, it affected me & I just started crying & said: “I’m here WOW”.  Looking at the positive & knowing I am still here, all because I was wearing a helmet.  My attitude has totally changed, it’s good that this happened because I once was a kid that just didn’t care, but it’s now a personal thing for me and I live by “Be Grateful”.   

You were a baseball player, and you love the sport.  Because of your life-changing injuries you are no longer able to play baseball.  Does that still affect you?  If I am honest, yes it does.  Watching my buddy Anthony & Mike play takes me back.  Playing catch with Anthony, it affects me.  But, I found something I love just as much and it’s made it ok.  

You started your fitness journey, the “something” that you love, from this experience.  Shapiro Fitness.  Why’d you start it, tell me more about it & the goals you have!?!  I started it to inspire others.  You have to have a good work ethic, it’s what gets you where you are in life.  I don't sit on my phone, or sit & play video games, I want to do things that are productive, to make me a better person.  When I workout, I listen to music, I don't look at social media, etc.  It's a work ethic thing for me.  And, I just want to keep inspiring people to be active.  Nothing comes easy, and if people see how far I’ve come, then they can too.  

Lynn Fern Photography

Who is your biggest inspiration, and why?  :::cue the biggest smile ever:::  My Pop!  He’s a strong individual, overcame cancer, still works out and taught me to work for what I want.  I just admire him so much.   Does he live nearby?  No, they live in Florida, but I talk to him every day.  He's just amazing.  (Excuse me a moment while I grab a tissue).  The joy on Connor’s face while talking about his Pop is forever ingrained in my mind. Pure JOY!

If there’s one thing you’d like people to know about you, what would that be?  I care more about my family (my mom, two sisters, my lil brother & Nan & Pop) than I do about myself.  

If you could meet one person in history, who would it be & why?  :::Connor took a bit to answer this, you could see the wheels spinning:::  Curtis Granderson! His work ethic.  I love his energy, it’s a good positive energy! He just always gives his best effort every single game, never jogs, always runs.  He’s number 14 & I love that number.  I always end every workout with my last set of reps with reps of 14.  Connor is going to kill me, but he even puts on 14 swipes of deodorant (7 swipes for each arm)... 

Connor is more than a high school boy that goes to the gym & works in a gym.  Connor was a caddy with one of his buddies.  He’d get up at 4:30 am, pick up Joey Holbrook, drive to Sleepy Hollow to caddy for the day.  One day still used to getting up at 4:30 am, but not going to caddy, Connor decided to go ahead & get his workout in for the day.  He decided that morning to send Gym Shark a message on Instagram about his story, his journey, and his progress.  Connor started his fitness page Shapiro Fitness on Instagram from the advice of Gym Shark.  Not expecting to hear back, they told him he needed to be able to inspire others and post positive content.  That Connor has successfully done.  

Social Media provides many opportunities to work as ambassadors to promote content for different brands.  Coming from a social media background, I fully grasp what goes into doing this.  Connor has been contacted by a few brands that have sent him contracts to be a brand ambassador.  He's declined to do it, because he wants to focus more on what he has going on, keeping things real & positive.  He realizes what comes with that & at 17 it's not something he's ready to do.  

But, there’s more to Connor then wanting to impress Gym Shark with his fitness progress, inspiration & positive driven content.  Connor does work at Anytime Fitness in the evenings a couple of nights a week, but he also volunteers at the local Cornwall Volunteer Ambulance Corp, he also loves kids and therefore volunteers his time to ref basketball through the Cornwall Rec League.  He refs 6-8th grade boys, 3rd-5th grade boys, and 4th-6th grade girls.  

Connor has taken this change of life attitude and turned it into such a positive.  He told me before the accident, you didn’t know me, I had a bad I don’t care attitude, and it’s good this happened.  He now believes & lives by example that you have to work hard for what you want.  

I have always believed that things happen for reason.  I do believe that Connor’s story was placed in front of me that Thursday afternoon as I was recovering from the flu.  As I was feeling sorry for my flu headache, reading his story of how he walked out of the EMS with broken bones that no one should be walking with, well my feel sorry for me nonsense didn't feel so important anymore.  

Thank you, Connor, for taking the time to sit with me to do this interview.  You’re an inspiration & I hope this motivates one person to take a step to turn a negative into a positive.  I am GRATEFUL for having the opportunity to know you!  All the best to you.

If you’d like to follow Connor’s fitness journey, and to be inspired by his progress, follow him on Instagram at Shapiro Fitness.  

Remax Realtor Spotlight - Nicole Gold

Meet Nicole Gold of Remax Realty here in the Hudson Valley, New York.  Nicole's office is located in New Windsor, NY off of Temple Hill Road.  

Lynn Fern Real Estate Photographer

With an always willing to help personality, Nicole has the heart of GOLD, and will most certainly always do what she can to go above & beyond to ensure you are well taken care of! If you want to meet this amazing individual, are looking for your next home to buy or to sell your current home, make sure to follow Nicole on her Facebook page here where she often goes live at her Open Houses.  

I had the opportunity recently to sit down with Nicole & learn more about her real estate journey.

Nicole Gold has been in real estate right at a year now.  She received her license in October 2018 and officially started with Remax in February 2019.  Happy ONE year anniversary Nicole! 
Like most from the Hudson Valley, Nicole loves the incredible scenery the Hudson Valley offers.  
How Long have you worked in real estate? In real estate now for one full year.  
What made you decide to go into real estate? Nicole gives her brother in law, Colin, much of the credit for her desire to go into a market that's saturated with agents.  "He's a big supporter & was pivotal in my decision to do this".  Colin and Nicole discussed the opportunities for her to go into real estate as a side job, & with his support, Nicole took the leap.  With a license, you can do a little more, like be at open houses. 
Over the years real estate has evolved in the technology space.  What do you see as the role of technology in real estate? The roles of technology provide realtors so many different options to stay on top of the market.  We have weekly meetings just about technology & what's available to us.  There's many different apps for both the realtor and the client, everything is digital, but still takes into account the need for person to person interaction. It also allows me to be more creative.  I am able to find additional information regarding potential clients, buyer or sellers.  It gives me the ability to find many different avenues to personalize the experience for each individual.    
What do you love most about being a realtor? The people! Meeting new people. The people at Remax, my coworkers, and the owner!
What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? I enjoy going to local events in the community & surrounding areas that include festivals, local restaurants, and supporting the local sports teams.  Volunteering my time to help the community, the 4th of July committee, Fall Festival, etc.  
Do you have any pets?  :::Giggles::: 3 cats, 1 dog & 1 chinchilla, all of which are up for grabs.. just kidding! 
If you could meet one person in history who would it be & why? Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God.  His positive attitude and his focus that everything happens for a reason.  "It was meant for me to start real estate when I did, that exact moment".  
Thank you for the interview & keeping things real Nicole! 
Cornwall New York Football

What others are saying about Nicole, you can read more HERE  -
BuyerNicole is a wonderful realtor who works above and beyond to help you in your home purchase. She is truly on your side and has your back! Nicole is gold!Buyer
Do you want to work with Nicole on your next real estate transaction? Click here to get in touch! 
Come back next week for another "spotlight"!

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