FedEx - How as a Consumer Are we Protected

 Let's talk about delivery issues with FedEx! Here is my timeline of recent events.. Not including the 2 times in recent months that I had major issues with the delivery of my camera equipment. You tell me if I am being unreasonably upset.. Mind you I ordered this laptop in January knowing it needed to be built.

3/8/2022 - text from FedEx “picked up, scheduled for delivery.”

3/9/2022 - I look at tracking # to see it’s from Apple & that my delivery is scheduled for 3/15/2022 by noon (I rearrange appointments with clients to be home to accept package & sign)

3/15/2022 - By 10:30 am on 3/15 I checked & the status and it didn't say "on vehicle for delivery"

TWO hours worth of frustrating phone calls (transferred multiple times to different departments, dropped/hung up on, refusing to get me to a manager and then transferring me to customer relations where I demanded a manager).

THREE very different reasons (excuses) why my package was not being delivered despite FedEx website giving me a very clear expected delivery date/time.

Reasons: 1) it was a batch shipment from Apple & something was wrong per an email sent out, 2) then it was weather-related (no weather issues), and 3) then it was because it hadn't cleared customs even though I could see the update was that it had been cleared. 

5:27 PM - I get a phone call from Susan the manager that said she’d help. She had spoken to the Memphis hub, my package had been located & they would work to get it moved out. She said she’d follow up the next day.  

I filed a BBB complaint. I emailed corporate offices trying to get some help. 

5:46 pm EST - I received an email from Alberdeen De’ Claiborne (Executive Specialist/Executive Services) asking for tracking # and additional information.  

6:26 pm EST - I respond back with all information she requested

3/16/2022 - I heard nothing back. I emailed corporate and executive offices at 1:46 pm EST to ask for an update. My package despite being told by Susan that it would be moving out, it was still “Updated delivery: Pending”

NO communication from anyone all day.

I filed a complaint with Apple.

3/17/2022 - 10:28 am I receive a phone call from Alberdeen letting me know she was working on this, but she needed to let me know that Apple wasn’t being upfront in telling me this shipment was coming from China. That had no bearing at this point as the package was in the Memphis hub in the hands of FedEx. Apple is not and does not update the FedEx website with expected delivery. And, then once again I was told it’s on a pallet with 600 Apple items. bearing since 1) I was told by Susan my package had been located on 3/15/2022 and 2) if FedEx cannot handle the volume of a large company like Apple, then don’t accept a lucrative contract.

I was told by Alberdeen that she would provide me with an update. By end of day…still nothing.

Late evening I checked the status and see it was updated to “Updated delivery: Thursday, March 17, 2022 

by end of day”.  I still don’t have my package.  

FedEx rebutted my BBB complaint by saying they would have someone from Executive Offices reach out to me. Not acceptable to close out if no resolution has happened. 

3/18/2022 - 8:52 am EST the FedEx website shows “Updated delivery: Pending”

9:48 am EST I received a phone call from Alberdeen stating that she had located my package (that she had been working on my case all night according to her to locate my package), and that it was in a container. A container? I thought it was on a pallet with 600 other packages. Yes, in a container now because they have to move them from building to building. If my package is located & should've already moved out, why does it need to move from building to building?

Here we are on March 18, 2022, a full 2 months from the time I ordered my laptop. 3/18/2022, THREE full days since it was expected to be delivered by noon. A day in which I rearranged my entire schedule.

I've begged for an update, I've begged for them to tell me why if they know where my package is it hasn't moved. Nothing!

The laptop is needed for my work, my business.. it's not an item I just want to have. At this point I've wasted countless hours on the phone, researching and filing complaints. It's messing with my livelihood and causing more stress than necessary. I have followed up & escalated to Apple. I was offered a refund, but that doesn't help if I need something to complete my work. Apple contracts FedEx for a service and they are in complete breach of contract. The service is for a 1 - 4 business day delivery...that would have been 3/15/2022.

I have screenshots of every change in status, showing that it cleared customs & that it has sat in the Memphis hub. I have filed complaints with BBB & through Consumer Affairs via the Attorney Generals' office.

As a consumer, we should be protected even when we don't directly pay for the delivery service.

Where do I go from here? What's next?


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