Coffee Table Makeover Using Some Of My Favorite Brands

It's a new month.. WHAT!?!  But, this month I am talking about not ONE but THREE of my favorite brands & products that I work with & love to work with.  The best part is these three play so well together & that makes me happy, happy, happy!

paint, stain and wax

This oval coffee table was orange with a greenish tint on the legs...eww!  I tried selling it as is and not one person took interest in it.  In fact at one of my furniture sales I had someone ask me why I'd even attempt to sell it as he was looking at some of my painted furniture. It's heavy & I think my husband was a bit tired of moving it around from the garage to the basement back to the garage and then well.  One day I walked into my workshop almost falling into it walking in the door, not that I was looking down on my phone or anything... Smack dab in the middle of my workspace.  Think he was trying to get a point across?  Ok ok... I got the hint!

I plopped it up on my furniture moving dollies since this ole gal didn't feel it necessary to put my back out.

I loved the design on the top & so I had decided I wanted to see what was under the "orange".  I grabbed my soy gel stripper and let it do it's thing.

Soy Gel paint and stain stripper

This is literally after it sat for maybe 10 - 15 minutes.  Ahhhh work smarter not harder!  I have learned my lesson on what to use when stripping furniture! you see the potential under that orange mess?

This was after I removed all of the stripper, but hadn't yet cleaned it all up.  I love that design even more now.

I will let you sit on that for a bit.  I moved on to cleaning up the legs.  I wasn't really sure what I was going to find under the greenish stuff.  I had noticed there were some uneven spots.  I went ahead & stripped them as well.  I know this looks really gross, but this shows how easy it is to strip using the soy gel.

Once that phase was over, I needed to move onto beautifying this table.  I contemplated on color & did I want to stain the top or just give it a hemp oil wipe down.  I decided to start on painting the legs and bottom shelf.

I knew that I wanted to use a more neutral color on this table.  I grabbed a couple of colors from my CeCe Caldwell's paint stash.

I ended up going with Philadelphia Parchment and Young Kansas Wheat.  Mixing the two gave me just the color I was looking for.

Once I had my base all painted & it dried fully, I had decided the top was still pushing an orangey-reddish tone.  In fact so much that I almost second guessed my color choice for the bottom.  But, ahhh ha my mind turned to my Unicorn Spit and I grabbed my Rustic Realty.

I gave the top a stain wash by diluting the Unicorn Spit with just a tad bit of water (I did 2 coats).  It was PERFECT.

Now that I could see the color changing and picking up a more brown tone, I was set to move onto my vision for the base.  I used Daddy Van's Cafe Noir to add some color to just around the edge.

I didn't want it on the legs, I wanted to leave them alone.   Prior to adding the dark wax, I used just a little Daddy Van's clear wax so not to give it a dirty look.  It just makes it easier to move the dark wax around.

I let everything sit overnight.  The next morning I finished up sealing the coffee table using Daddy Van's Hemp Oil.  It brought out the most beautiful color on the top of the table.  I fell in love with just how amazing it turned out.

So using these amazing products right here..

Took us from a truly outdated piece of furniture that was once headed to the trash to a gorgeous piece that can be used for years.

CeCe Caldwell mix of philadelphia parchment and young kansas wheat

It has such a rich and classy look now.

Cafe noir, dark wax as a glaze, dark wax, daddy vans

Unicorn Spit Gel Stain

Can't get enough of seeing furniture makeovers/transformations?  It's like binge watching a new show...I've got more for you.

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