My Cricut and why I love it!

Hey guys..

I know I have been on a Cricut everything kick lately, but seriously I absolutely love my cutting machine.  This post isn't sponsored by Cricut, this one is all my own to show you a roundup of some of my favorite projects to this point.  And, because I wanted to talk with you all about this amazing cutting machine!

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Please know that if you purchase anything from Cricut via the affiliate links in this post, I earn a small commission at no price difference to you!  Noted links with an asterisk. 

There have been some burning question so many have asked, and I want to be able to answer those for you!  What questions do you have about the Cricut?  Or using the Cricut?

1.  What different kinds of DIY projects can I make with the Cricut?  The better question is "what can't you do with the Cricut"?   No seriously.

I've made so many things with it from home decor to jewelry to cute t-shirts.  I love sitting down and designing something to make using my Cricut Explorer Air.  This actually keeps me up at night.  I can lay in bed on my iphone or ipad and play on Design Space creating ideas, save to my library in design space.  The next time I log in on my computer, they are there ready to be made into whatever my mind had for it or better yet, I can just send it to my Cricut directly from the device I was on.  I will admit to saving things and not remembering because it was in a moment of insomnia. :/ . But, hey at least my creative mind had a place to save it as I was creating it.

SO let's start with some of the awesome home decor items I've done.

Pillows.  Do you know how costly throw pillows can be?  $20, $25, $50 for cute pillows, they can get expensive.  Now if you are anything like me, I like things that not everyone has.

I made this pillow for my daughters room that has a tribal/arrow theme using Cricut's Iron-on Vinyl*.

Pillow made with arrows cut from cricut machine

And, for my younger daughter that is looking for a butterfly themed room makeover.  Both of the girls told me what they wanted, colors, design, etc.

Iron On vinyl pillow made using cricut stencil cutting machine

The pillows cost me a total of about $12 for both pillows!!  Such a low cost for an amazing impact that both girls love!  You can read more on the pillows in this blog post to see how easy it was.  You can even layer the iron on vinyl which I love to do.

I truly enjoy making holiday specific decor.  It's fun & enjoyable for me along with getting to use something year after year.  I find that many of the items I make, I keep and enjoy each year thinking back what took me to the creative idea to make that particular item that year.  This year I had my girls make ornaments with cuts we made on the Cricut, I didn't but should've taken pictures.  They were super cute. But, come back for what we are making for their class Valentines cards (I won't be buying cards this year :) ).

Ok..sorry I got side tracked.  For Thanksgiving this year I made this adorable tray word art with words about Thanksgiving that I found in Cricut Access.  I cut the words out using Adhesive Vinyl*.  Over the last couple of years, I've loved the word art signs so this one grabbed me.

vinyl, DIY tray made with adhesive vinyl

You guys this seriously took me no time to pull together, and actually worked on in between a last minute class project.  This was a tray I picked up off the clearance section at Michaels for a couple of dollars.  I used Cricut Adhesive Vinyl and BAM...  a sweet decorative tray.

You can even take those letters and do a reverse stencil.  If I wanted a different color, I would've painted the tray a color of choice, let it dry completely, put the stencil/wording on top of the painted surface, and then painted over the top with a different color of choice.  Once it is dry, lift all the lettering and you have a reverse stenciled piece of artwork.  I've done that on many pieces of furniture and on signs I make.

Another favorite piece I recently completed was this Kilim Inspired Coffee Table.  This table was painted throughout using Old Fashioned Milk Paint.  I created a design that I wanted in Design Space, and cut on my Cricut.  I used contact paper instead of the vinyl from Cricut since it would be used once and discarded.  It's cheap so I don't mind just throwing it out once I am done.  Go check out the finished product...I am in love :)

Furniture stencil, cutting stencil using Cricut

And, then there is the emoji shirt that I made for my girls to wear for their Valentines Day party using the iron-on vinyl from Cricut and scrap fabric!  I cut the fabric using my Cricut.  Easy peasy and perfectly done!

fabric cut with Cricut, cutting fabric with the cricut

Oh and I made myself a little something as well...  I love jewelry and always have my eyes on leather cuffs.  Yup you can cut material like leather that's not too thick or faux leather* from Cricut.

cricut cutting faux leather, cutting leather with cricut

So many different projects that I've been busy making.  I have discovered so many things I can make, and I am discovering more & more each day.  Here are a few things I haven't blogged about but did using my Cricut.

Scrabble Block Letters... this is glitter iron on.  Yes I ironed this onto the blocks.

easy scrabble letters made using the cricut

Halloween sugar skull trays... these are one of my all time favorite quick craft I did for my daughters Halloween class party.  Everyone loved them, and honestly they were super easy.  Maybe if enough people want a tutorial on them, I will put it together.  The Bone-Appetit was done to match the napkins & plates we were using.  Both of the trays were using Cricut Premium Outdoor Vinyl*.

sugar skull, sugar skull decor, halloween decor

We did canvas bags for trick or treat bags as the class craft.  The kids did the ironing and they loved it! Funny thing is, we learned that the 3rd grade class actually knew how to use an iron pretty good (under adult supervision).  It was fun & a treat for them to feel like they were doing a big kid craft. And, a craft they can use year after year.

heat transfer trick or treat bags, iron on bags

So many possibilities so little time.. LOL!  I find every single day I want to just sit down and play with my Cricut.

Before I make any purchases whether it be for my business or just to have, I ask myself (or my husband asks)...  Will I use the Cricut machine enough to justify the price?

My answer in short is YES!  These projects I've done in just a few short months...and it's not all of what I have done.  I have done so many gifts for people that absolutely loved that they were nice handmade items that couldn't be bought at a box store.  This is a very small roundup of what I have done so far.  I have seen some pretty amazing cards, wedding decor, birthday party decorations, etc.

I am working on TWO bigger scale projects that by far justify the price.  Posts will follow with what I am working on soon.

To be able to do fun, easy projects not just for my kids, but to be able to do the projects with them is priceless.  We worked on gifts for their dance teacher together (they loved how involved they were).  Stay tuned because that will be my next Cricut post coming your way very soon.

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