Refreshed Desk using CeCe Caldwell Paint

Today, I'm excited to share this refreshed desk using CeCe Caldwell Paints & finishes.  

Let me show you how simple the power of paint can have such an impact on this refinished painted custom desk is with you.

Desk and chair painted using CeCe Caldwell Paint

I originally refinished the desk to go in our upstairs living area for the TV to sit on.

originally a vanity turned to tv stand

I had removed the drawer in the middle and cut a hole in the back to run the cords through.  While I loved it during it's time there, I have since made some changes to our upstairs living area.  

And, then it sat in the basement for many months.  I was playing with mixing some colors from CeCe Caldwell & was looking for a nice bluish gray tint that would compliment some fabric I had picked up & had fallen in love with.  This desk would be perfect to makeover...

When I first refinished this it had a pretty beat up surface, but gorgeous bones.  Horrible picture but this was the before photo from a few years ago.

before picture taken of a refreshed furniture piece

This desk was once a vanity with a mirror on it, but when I acquired it there was no mirror.  

vanity that needs to be refinished

Since I had originally painted it in an off white color, I didn't need to sand completely down.  I did that because I wanted some of that color to show through when I distressed the desk.  I scuffed up the surface using my Ryobi Corner Cat Sander. Once I had it scuffed up, I cleaned it really well with Simple Green, and then went over it again with a sanding block.  I wanted to ensure that I had removed any topcoat so that my paint would adhere and stay adhered to the surface.

I used one of my favorite paints, CeCe Caldwell Paint in Philadelphia Parchment and Smoky Mountain Gray.  I did a custom mix until I achieved the perfect color I was looking for.  

CeCe Caldwell Paints in Philadelphia Parchment Smokey Mountain Gray

I don't always paint in our living room, but for this piece I did, and my father that lives with us has COPD, so I must be cautious about what I paint with & so I turn to my trusty friends at CeCe Caldwell's.

One of the many reasons why I love CeCe Caldwell Paints they are a mineral based paint that contains no potentially harmful or toxic ingredients.  And, not only is it eco-friendly, but it's safe to use if you have respiratory issues, pregnant, you have little ones in the home you are concerned about.  OH and it's made in the good ole U.S.A.  

Now that I was ready to paint, I gave the desk the first coat which was dry to the touch within about 30 minutes.  LOVE!  I ended up doing 3 light coats on the desk.

Once it was completely dry, I took a wet sanding block and distressed in areas I wanted to see the off white peak through.

I then sealed the entire desk with CeCe's finish Endurance.  

Hardware...the hardware didn't go with the desk now since it was brass (and I am not certain what happened to the original hardware).  I busted out my CeCe's wax in Graphite to update this set of hardware.  I know the container is quite messy now, but I love this stuff and use it all the time.

CeCe Caldwell Graphite Wax

I just went over the entire handle with the wax, let it cure for a couple of days.  It turned out perfect with no issues.

The vanity turned desk did not come with a chair.  Funny thing is I had to go searching for one that would fit the desk, not just size but style.  I had the fabric I wanted to use, but I needed a chair.  If you have followed any of my journey, chairs really aren't something I've lacked having in my stash.  But, I was having a hard time finding one I liked to go with this desk.  

Finally buried in my workshop I found a chair that didn't even have a seat.  But, it was perfect and I worked my magic to make it work.  

after picture of a refinished desk and chair

This vanity turned desk went from ho hum to truly beautiful with just a nice coat of paint & updated hardware.  The beautiful chair is just an added bonus.  

desk and chair set refinished

cece caldwell painted furniture

before and after painted desk

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  1. It is lovely. I love the color and the hardware. Gorgeous transformation.

  2. Lynn, What a great desk redo! That hardware is fantastic! I think the graphite wax looks perfect on them. You could have fooled me, that chair looks like it belongs!


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