Emoji Valentines Day Shirt

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Cricut Made heat transfer vinyl

Love is in the air...

I don't know about your kids, but my girls and their friends are all emoji lovin' right now..  So I thought it would be such a cute idea to make Valentines Day shirts with the heart eye emoji using my Cricut Explorer Air 2*! 

Supplies you will need:

Cricut Design Space

NOTE: You don't have to use the yellow fabric, you can use yellow iron on (HTV) if you'd rather.  I wanted to show you that you can cut fabric & how using the Cricut.

I had found this adorable image online one day & knew this was it...  If you visit the website, there are some really cute designs that you can purchase.

Source: www.hoopmamadesigns.com

I used this as my inspiration to create the t-shirts which leads us into a couple of questions I've been asked often.  

1. Will I be required to use cartridges?  

The answer is NO.  That's one of the many awesome updates of using Cricut Design Space!  I will show you how throughout this post.

2. What materials can I cut with the Cricut?  

Seriously there are so many different materials from vinyl, HTV (heat transfer vinyl), Wood veneer (I will be showing this one soon as well), felt, fabric, faux leather, the list goes on...  Keep reading to see how I cut the fabric for this project.

I started out in my Cricut Design Space to design the shirt.  I wanted to design my emoji first.  

cricut design space, creating an emoji using the circle and heart

I used the insert shape on the left side, and choose the circle, the heart, and created the mouth from an upload.

Once I had the one heart the size I wanted, I duplicated it so both would be the same size.  

emoji, heart eye emoji, designing an emoji

I already love it, and will most likely make some plain emoji stuff using this for my girls & their friends.  Can you imagine how happy they'd be?

Next I did my wording and added the arrow.  There are lots of arrows you can use from Cricut Access*.   I had an arrow in my library that I loved, and so that's the one I used.  

designing a valentines day shirt

Now the design is exactly what I wanted.  It's time to start cutting.  

I attached my like colors together so it'd cut all at the same time.  For example, you can see on the right, I grouped the teal together, the black together and the red together.

You do this by selecting those items and choosing the attach button.  

custom t-shirt, emoji shirt, heart eyes

One thing not to forget to do (not that I'd know from making this mistake ::cough cough::), is to mirror your wording since you are ironing onto the material.

You might see below that there are 2 of everything.  I duplicated my image since I was doing 2 shirts.

You can see here that I choose the Mirror Image option.  

heat transfer vinyl, HTV, mirror image, iron on vinyl, vinly

My images have all been cut up to the fabric.  Are you wondering how thin fabric will hold up with the blade?

yellow fabric

I do this by using the Thermoweb Heat'n Bond Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive.  You want to make sure to use the red label.

You will want to adhere the wrong side of your fabric (this fabric didn't have a wrong side) following the Heat'n Bond directions.  

Turn your fabric over and press well so the webbing is fully attached to the fabric to ensure a good cut.

You are now set to cut your fabric... it's that easy!

Look how clean that circle is, no thread pulling.  LOVE it.  I see lots of fun ideas using all of the fabric in my stash.

All cut and ready to assemble.  

materials for custom shirt

I laid out the cuts onto my shirt to make sure my placement would be good prior to ironing it all on.  

Oh my hearts.. I am loving this & kinda wish I had made this for myself :)

custom made shirt, cricut made, say it with cricut, iron on shirt

The final product was a huge hit for my girls.. They are totally smitten and can't wait for their Valentines Day party to wear them.

cupid, valentines shirt, valentines day shirt, emoji valentine, valentines with emoji, cricut cutting machine

This was such a fun and easy project completed for my sweet munchkins in no time.  I hope you enjoy seeing this cute shirt in the making...

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