Kilim Inspired Coffee Table using Old Fashioned Milk Paint

Hello friends & helllllloooooo December!

Today I want to show you one of my favorite patterns that I've truly loved for a long while now!  The kilim pattern...  it has pulled me right in.  And, today I am showing you my kilim inspired coffee table using Old Fashioned Milk Paint.

As a brand blogger for Old Fashioned Milk Paint I did receive product to complete my project & to write about it.  But, as always all opinions are 100% my own and honest!

We have this gorgeous rug that we purchased from Pottery Barn in our living room which was my inspiration for this project!

With this in mind I choose my colors..  And, since it was going to be for our living room, I knew immediately I wanted to use Barn Red along with a few other colors for the pattern.  All of the colors are from Old Fashioned Milk Paint.

Here's what I was starting with...



I know some would say why are you painting this!?!  Well in short, I didn't like the color and it also had some pretty nasty scratches on the top.  I picked this heavy duty coffee table with amazing storage up at a local online auction.  It's been sitting and waiting for me to paint for a long while now.  
I did all of my prep work, cleaning, sanding, cleaning again...


I grabbed my Old Fashioned Milk Paint in Barn Red, mixed it up and let it sit for about 15 minutes.


The coffee table got 3 light coats of the Barn Red.  I let it sit for a couple of days while I was working on a couple of other projects.

I designed a pattern using my Cricut Explore Air Machine to use as a stencil for the top.



I even had a little help to weed out the negative for the design...

Once the stencil was all weeded out, I was ready to lay it out... of course not without my trusty side kick making sure I did it correct.


Using transfer paper I am able to lay the adhesive backed vinyl down and keep all of the small pieces in place & lined up.

Now was time for the additional paint colors from Old Fashioned Milk Paint.  I only mixed up small amounts since the areas are not that big.  

The colors I used were..  Buttermilk, my custom teal mix that you can find in Turning a bookcase into a bench post, and a custom mix that made a taupe color.  I apologize I don't have the recipe to provide for the taupe.  I was playing around with colors one day, and it just kinda happened.

Loving how it is already turning out... but I must have patience for it to dry!!

Once it is dry I pulled off all of the vinyl stencil to see this :)



This was very late one evening and I had no light, but I was so smitten I took a couple of cell phone pictures. 


I mixed up a little of the Barn Red Milk Paint powder with Daddy Van's clear wax to use once it sat overnight.


Once it was sealed I knew it would be staying in our home for a very long time..

It's not perfect but that's why it's a perfect for our home.  Perfectly Imperfect!!  AND, to us it is a beauty!!

It holds family games, puzzles and cards.  We've already used multiple times to sit around and play a hand or two or 20 of UNO.

It has an abundance of storage with drawers & doors on both sides.

I see this coffee table being able to tell some amazing stories in the next 10 - 15 years! 




  1. Catherine Pedi McDonnellDecember 3, 2016 at 11:33 AM

    This is GORGEOUS, Lynn!!! Your design and colors are beautiful, I love that just the top is painted to showcase your design, and most importantly, you have created a piece that will have a new history with many happy memories!😊

  2. Your stencil is amazing. I bet it's such a great feeling to look around and see your personal touch all through the house.

  3. what a unique way to customize this piece, and it goes so well with your carpet!

  4. The table looks fabulous with the rug. What a great job.


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