DIY Leather Cuff Bracelet

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Designing and making leather cuff bracelets using my Cricut Explore Air 2

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Hey guys...

I’m so excited to share this easy jewelry craft with you on the blog today. I whipped up these cute bracelets in just a short time using my Cricut machine & designed everything simply in Cricut's Design Space.  
Cricut Explorer Air cutting machine used to make leather cuff bracelet

I am often asked in some groups I belong to on Facebook - "will it be easy for me to learn the Cricut Design Space software to create my own custom projects"?  The short answer to that is.. it's super easy.  Once you jump in and just play with the program, you find how easy it is to use.

I did a very simple design to show you how easy it can be.
Supplies you will need:

Cricut Design Space
Needle Nose Pliers
Chain & clasp
First, I created the design based on a stencil I love & wanted to use a part of.  I use this stencil on many different things & it really is so me.

So using Cricut Design Space™ I used the basic the shapes including triangles and circles.

I started by adding one triangle.

Once I had that triangle I copied it and created another one so they would be the exact same size.

By using the grid lines in design space, it made it easy to line up the triangles.  I love that Cricut's Design Space has the grid lines for you to use.  It's made the creating & designing so much easier.  It gives me an accurate idea of size and placement.

I selected both triangles, and again copied & pasted to create another duplicate set.

I then moved them around to start making my design.

Again using the grid lines to keep everything lined up. Now I have the top part of my design all set.

Now I select all, and again using the copy and paste I now have the bottom for the design.

Using the mirror flip in design space, I flipped the bottom part of the design.  You can see that now all I need to do is move it down and line it up.
Once I had my design all set, I would need to make sure all of the triangles becomes one design.  You do that by welding.  This is super easy, you just make sure you have all selected, and click the weld button on the right side of your screen.

Now my design is one design I can customize its size.  Being that this is going to be a bracelet, you're going to want it on the tiny side.  The entire design will be cut out so this would be a rather large cut out if you're not careful.

To make the size customizable, you will see on the square in the lower left corner a lock.

By clicking on the lock, it will unlock and you will be able to manipulate the size of your design.  I thought I was in heaven the first time I discovered this gem.

Now I was ready to customize the size and wrap up my design.  You can make it larger or long & skinny.  Long & skinny is what I want since it will be for a bracelet.

I wanted to add a bit more to my design so I added circles.  Going back to the "insert shapes", I inserted a circle.  Sized it to match my design, and added as many as I thought I wanted to have.

The best part about this is you could add any shape or design, even finding a shape you like in another program & upload it.  I will be playing more with different designs in the next few weeks.  I want to make more of these fun bracelets with different designs as gifts.  I am thinking I might just make one with a soccer ball on it... Hmmm that might be fun for my soccer mom friends, even dads :)

Don't forget you will need to make it all one design for to cut all at the same time.  This is done by choosing the weld option just like above.  Making sure you have all selected, and clicking on weld.

Before I went any further, I changed my blade out for the deeper cut since I was cutting thicker material than vinyl or paper.

Next, it’s time to cut out your design on your faux leather.  I placed my leather upside down so all of the fibers wouldn't stick to the cutting mat.  You simple place the faux side down on the mat and the fiber side facing up.

Select the CUSTOM SETTING on the dial...this so when it's time to choose the material you are using, you'll have the option so your machine knows what it's cutting.  Design Space will give you the option to choose your material

Now it's time to send your design to the machine.  At the top of design space there is a cute Cricut Go Button... Click on it!

It will take you to the next screen.  By the way, prior to getting this screen, if you want to cut more like 3 at a time, you totally can.  You just select your entire design and click duplicate down in the right hand corner.  When you get to this screen, you can move your designs around so you have room in between each one to cut them out.

Down in the bottom right corner, you will click on the green go.

Once your machine connects with your computer, you will be able to choose your material.

Now you can load your cutting mat into the machine by clicking on the double arrow on the machine.

Once your mat is loaded into the machine, you will click onto the Cricut C on the machine and boom your design will start cutting.

Once it's all cut you'll unload the mat by pushing the double arrow button.

Cricut faux leather

design cut out on cricut explore air

Now it's time to complete your bracelet...

I used my Cricut cutter to cut the bracelet down to the size I wanted.  You can make this any size you want.
Cutting faux leather with portable trimmer

I had decided I wanted some depth to my bracelet so I added a strip of the turquoise faux leather behind it.

making leather cuff bracelet

I used super glue because it was all I had on hand, but I will be trying this using spray adhesive to test how well it holds up.  I have worn the bracelet for several days using the super glue & it's held up nicely.  I just made sure I had the glue around all of the edges.

leather cuff jewelry

Once it was glued and had dried, using needle nose pliers I added a chain with a clasp to it.

jewelry making supplies

I did cut it down to fit my wrist.  I also added this cute little key charm to it.

Handmade leather cuff bracelet

I have so many other ideas on some leather cuffs I'd like to make.  They are so popular right now and I am seeing some really fun ones.  I think my next one I make will be a little larger and with snaps on it and maybe even some stitching added to it.

There you have it friends... A truly simple way to make a super cute piece of jewelry that is not only fun to make, but fun to wear. 

What do you think?  Do you like it?  What would you design on your bracelet?

leather cuff bracelet made with cricut


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. That looks beautiful Lynn! I didn't know you could cut faux leather with a Cricut. I love the pattern you made and the turquoise behind it makes it really stand out. Thanks for this tutorial!


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