Come see how easy these cute pillows were to make with my Cricut Explore Air

I am super excited to let you know that I've partnered up with Cricut to bring you all sorts of craft ideas, with fun easy project tutorials.  All opinions are my own and 100% honest!

DIY Pillow Tutorial using my Cricut Explore Air 2

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Iron On Vinyl and cricut eplorer air to create designer pillows

Cricut Made Iron On Pillow

Both of my girls have been asking me to make them pillows to go in their rooms.  They saw the cute pillows we had made for the NYC Cricut Event, and haven't stopped asking for them.  

Who am I to say no when it's really so easy to do.

Both of their rooms have teal in the decor even though they are different themes.  

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Did you know that making these pillows are super easy using the Cricut?   And, look how adorable they are!

What you need -
Pillow cover

Cricut's Design Space makes it incredibly easy to create pretty much anything you'd like.

While each of the pillows have different designs, the tutorial is the same for both. 

I started out by opening my Cricut Design Space, and clicking on the blue square that says Create New Project.

Once I was in my designing space, I was ready to begin creating! 

Under my name in the top left corner, there is a "insert image" icon, if you click on that it takes you into design land.. Literally thousands of different images to choose from.

With both of the designs I did a search for what I was wanting to use to create each pillow.

I will use the butterfly pillow to show you step by step.

I found some butterflies I liked and would use so I selected them, and then clicked clicked the green button at the bottom to insert the images.

They are now placed inside of my design area.  This is where you can place them where you'd like, resize them, and add other images or text.

design space creating designer pillows

I also wanted some flowers, and so I just clicked on insert image again to go pick out my flowers I thought I'd want to use.

Now that I had flowers, I began adding my text.  BTW, I ended up only using the teal one in my design, which is one of the great things about this program, being able to add just to see if you like it.  You can easily remove anything you decide you don't like.

I played around with the placement to see how I wanted everything to line up.  When you have your text selected you can change the font on the right side under the edit tab.  There are tons to choose from that include premium fonts that you pay for.  But, I have yet to pay since there are so many to choose from.  Just keep in mind if you sell your products & you use any fonts that are licensed (i.e. Disney, NFL, etc) you will need to pay for those. 

Cricut Design Space and Access

Now my design is set how I want it to look.  This is where now I want to make sure it cuts in layers or simply put, I want to cut the quote in one color and the butterflies & flowers in a different color.  I do this by selecting my words and clicking the "attach" under the layers tab.  I then do this for the other items as well.

My items have changed colors, and you can see on the right they are broken down into sets.  This makes it easy when you go to cut, it will cut each of the layers separately.

NOW super duper important to remember...  Since this is going to be ironed on, you need to make sure when you go to cut that mirror image has been selected.  If not, you will have backwards image..not that I would know from experience :/

You can see here where my little hand is on the box below, this is where you want to click this so mirrors (flips the image).

With the ease of a spin of the dial to Iron-on and you are all set to cut!

Loaded and ready!

Now that it's all cut out, I can weed (remove) all of the negative material.  This is what I won't be ironing onto the pillow.

Now that I have all of the negative removed, I am ready to move onto the next step...

It's time to start watching my design come to life.  I am ironing the design onto the pillow.  The heat transfer vinyl (HTV) has a plastic film that you just iron right over.  I use the setting on my iron according to what my material is that I am ironing onto.

And, here it is with the entire design set and ironed on.

Both of my beautiful girls were super happy with the outcome of the pillows!  

They were placed on their beds as soon as they got their sweet hands on them.  

Truly an easy project that took so little of my time to create such a wonderful impact!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Thank you Lynn for a Cricut tutorial (iron on vinyl). I am collecting information for my new learning curve - getting a Cricut for Christmas so doing a lot of pre-reading/searching. I added this post to my blog notes.


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