Do you know Cricut?

Hey ya'll!  It's so very nice to see you all here... 

I want to take a moment to introduce you to a very special friend of mine....

  Friends say hello to this fabulous machine.  

cricut print & cutting machine
Please know that if you purchase anything from Cricut via the affiliate links in this post, I earn a small commission at no price difference to you!

I am super excited to let you know that I've partnered up with Cricut to bring you all sorts of craft ideas, with fun easy project tutorials.  All opinions are my own and 100% honest!

If you've been following along with me via Facebook or Instagram, even by chance on Twitter, you will have seen that recently I was introduced to the Cricut Explore Air

You ask.. What is the Cricut machine?  Read on..

Before I was formally introduced, my thoughts were...

Cricut, that scrapbook paper machine?  No thank you!  I don't really do scrapbooks.

Oh you's that company that only allows you to create with a cartridge that already has all the designs on it for you?  Nah I like to create my own designs with my own fonts.

I don't like change...

I am here to admit prior to getting up close & personal, I was a Silhouette only kind of gal.  I had no interest in the Cricut machine.  None what so ever!

Let me give you the backstory...

I have used the Silhouette for years in the past to make stencils for my furniture and signs.  And, I will be honest my biggest issue was that it wasn't setup friendly for me.  But, change.... yeah sometimes I like to stick with what I already know.  It's time consuming learning about something new!  :::cough cough, no excuses::  

At one time someone in my industry brought up in conversation...Cricut with me.  She was interested in how I was doing the reverse stencil on my furniture flips.  She owned a Cricut, and asked if I could help her.  Not really since I don't own one, I knew nothing about the machine (judgmental much?). And, to be frank I had no interest in the machine and I made it clear to her. I am loyal to what I know....and I knew Silhouette! Back then you had to use a cartridge that you purchased.  This meant I was stuck with Cricut's designs.  

Being creative driven this machine had zero appeal to me.  I didn't want to be tied to cartridges & having to buy them.  And, the ability to create designs to fit my needs on a whim was extremely important to me. 

Fast forward a few years, and I was heading off to my blog conference where I would be presented the opportunity to meet Cricut.  I won't lie, I was hesitant and almost didn't take the class.  I was all like pssshhhhh do I really need to go to this class to see how this is going to cut!?!  Here on my Facebook page you can see our initial meeting, and here on my Instagram feed is watching the machine in action for the first time.  I had heard good things about her, but still unsure where this might be heading.  I was told that you could design from your iphone, ipad or computer without being attached with a cord!  WHAT?  This might be a game changer!

Next I was told that Cricut had a design space where you could go in & create designs until your hearts content.

Alright stubbornness put aside, I gave in and gave her a try!  I am happy I did!

Skeptic no more, and I am elated I went with my heart & attended the class.  At that moment I realized that there was so much more I could do with my new found friend.  My perspective totally changed after the first time I played with the machine.  

Can you say "love at first cut"!  Cheesy?

Over the next several months following the conference, I was fortunate to get to work with Cricut at a couple of different events.  The first was an event in DC with my blog partner Evey from Evey's Creations.

We did a make it, take it workshop where we set up several sessions to make fall signs.  We needed to pre-cut 60 adhesive vinyl cutouts.  This was when I truly realized the gem of a machine that it is!  It rocked by cutting these designs in no time, and the set up was so easy!

Fall sign designed with the Cricut Design Space

Since then I have used it to create fun DIY crafts with my daughters 3rd grade class along with easy DIY iron-on Trick or Treat Bags.  More to come on these easy to make reusable bags.  I will even show you the bags I made for both of my girls for less than $5.

heat transfer vinyl iron on vinyl

I also created these sugar skulls & Bone-Appetit on a tray to use for their Halloween Party.  The parents loved them as much as the kids.  And, the best part was how easy it was to switch from cutting one material to the next, a simple turn of the dial!

halloween trays made with outdoor premium adhesive vinyl

I was thrilled when I was invited to a Media Mixer Event in NYC with the Cricut team.  It was then that I was introduced to the newest machine.  The Explore Air 2. I quickly fell even harder for this amazing machine.  Not only does it look pretty, but it cuts up to 2x faster!

It was fun & exciting to introduce the Cricut Explore Air 2 to all of those that came to the mixer.

Explore Air 2

You can read all about how I created this quick DIY Thanksgiving tray using my Cricut Explore Air 2.

DIY tray made with adhesive vinyl cut with cricut explore air 2

Not the creative type?  No worries since the Cricut Design Space has over 60,000 images to choose from or over 3,000 ready to make projects, it's got you covered.  You can also upload your designs and images for free.  Cricut's team is consistently putting forth the effort to continue making this better and more user friendly.

I hope you enjoyed meeting the Cricut machine as much as I did!  There are endless possibilities with the machine, and I am looking forward to creating many projects to share with you!

cricut made

Make sure to tune in the next couple of days...  I will be talking about how easy the projects I've made are using the Cricut!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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