Thrift Store Pumpkin Makeover - #swapitlikeitshot

Hellllloooo my beautiful friends!!

Have you ever walked into a thrift store, spot something that you think would be fun to send to someone else to see what they might do with the item(s)?  Well guess what?  There is a group of us that do just that!

This is my first year participating, and so not only was I tad bit nervous (don't ask me why, unnecessary really), but I was over the top excited!

So what is this swap thing I am talking about?  A group of bloggers gather thrifty finds for no more than $15, small enough to ship since we all don't live near one another, and send off to see what the other can create from our assorted finds.  Sounds fun, right?  It is & just wait until you see what I got to makeover :)

If you haven't been following along from the beginning of the week, you should definitely go on and check out the magic performed on some thrifted finds by my friends.. You can find links at the bottom.

But, first let me show you what my girl Evey of Evey's Creations sent my way to work my powers on...  

Let's start with this gem...  Evey & I have been working closely with Cricut at many different events. So when I first started unwrapping my items she sent I saw this.  At first I thought she had made me a couple of cute signs. Ya know since she knows my favorite color is teal, and hers is purple!  Until I fully unwrapped them realizing it said Mr & Mrs...guess she didn't make me any cute signs...sigh!  


But, she redeemed herself when she included this adorable glass pumpkin...


How sweet is it?  I loved it so much & I knew exactly what I was going to do with it the moment my eyes laid on it!  I am not sure, but part of me wants to believe Evey is secretly giving into my love for Pumpkin Spice everything this time of year!

So these items here is what I had to work with -



Hmmm what do I show you first?  I think the wood errr I mean MDF I think or maybe plastic Mr & Mrs signs...

I started out by cleaning them up.  It didn't take much to remove the lettering that was already starting to peel. It took me literally all of 2 seconds to remove the vinyl.  


I gave them a quick scrubbing & sanding.  And, that's when I realized they weren't wood.  MDF maybe...honestly I am not 100% what material they are.  I wasn't going to sand them down all the way so I really didn't care! I went over them with DecoArt True Teal, which is the color my girls picked out since they would be for them!  And, then cut these letters out with my awesome Cricut.


on-fern-avenue-scrabble letters

Ahhh you see where I am headed???  


Fun scrabble letters with each of the girls first name initials!!


The letters are iron on vinyl scraps I had.  I used my blow dryer to adhere it to the wood once the paint was fully dry.

My girls were both super excited when they saw these.  Seriously these are soooo easy to make.  I am going to be doing a project similar to this with Katie's third grade class in the next couple of weeks.  I can't wait!

Alright so the next item is the pumpkin.  This one is for ME :)   It is probably one of my most favorite thrift store makeover crafts I've done to date.  First I love pumpkins so for this to be one of my items made me super duper giddy!

Let me refresh your memory on what it looked like..


Ehhh cute but not living up to it's full potential right?

I used Navajo Jewel in Unicorn SPiT on the inside of the pumpkin...

I baked it in the oven for about 30 - 35 minutes at 350.


But, it still wasn't complete!  So once it was completely cooled I used the looking glass spray by Rustoleum & did the mercury glass technique with vinegar/water.

LOOOOOKKKK how adorable this pumpkin turned out!!! 


My sweet teal & silver mercury glass pumpkin!  I am so in love with it!! 

That round little, I am not sure what it is, I turned into my pumpkins own seat!  I used CeCe Caldwell's Graphite Wax and then dry brushed a little Unicorn SPiT in the Navajo Jewel over it. I know complete opposite of what I would ever tell you to do, and I'd never do that process on furniture.


Such fun with


I am dying to see what Erin Spain did with these items I sent to her.  SO hop on over & check it out with me!

Photo Credit: Erin Spain

If you missed any of the days, you can find them all right here..  Trust me there are some amazing transformations, some that could give you that inspiration to do on your own!






On Fern Avenue (that's me)


  1. Wow you totally rocked your items!! There's something to be said for receiving things you can actually work with. Love it all! XO

  2. Super beautiful! I love the pumpkin!!!! The color is so spot on! Great scrabble art!!

  3. What is this magical unicorn spit you speak of? I LOVE how your pumpkin turned out, how beautiful!

  4. Holy MacGyver, Batman! That's nuts!!! The scrabble tiles are terrific, but the pumpkin is SO fun! Well played, girl! xx

  5. Standin Ovation! You did a fabulous job giving your swap items and new life. I love everything but that pumpkin is just gorgeous.

  6. Beautiful, best makeover of all!

  7. Oh my gosh, Lynn, that pumpkin!!!! It's amazing!! The teal + mercury glass effect is beautiful!

  8. So creative!! I love the scrabble tiles!! And that pumpkin is gorgeous!!


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