Wise Owl Neptune & Unicorn Spit office desk

Hey lovely friends...

I've had many people ask about my office desk since I've shared the makeover.  I love the desk so much, and I felt it needed it's own amazing post.

I used Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint in Neptune on the file cabinet part, and Unicorn Spit on the desktop itself.

I knew that my office would be an rustic industrial loft space.. With that in mind I knew I'd want to gear my colors toward a rusty patina look with some of that teal patina coloring.  I had Karen of Wise Owl send me a couple of colors to try out & get as close to my vision as possible.  The one color I thought was going to be "it" turned out to not be "it".  I love the color & will be using on other things.
But...Neptune... wow you guys!  It blew me away.  It was the exact color & look I was going for.

I had tested Neptune on a small sample board just to get a feel for it.  And, I was immediately smitten. I would stare at it in complete awe of how well it matched what I wanted.  With that in mind, I was set to get started on my desk build.

I did my normal prep on the two file cabinets, clean, lightly sand, clean again by wiping down to ensure all dust is removed.  I used my Ryobi Orbital Sander to give it just a light scuff so the paint adheres.  And, I use Simple Green to clean.  These file cabinets were in fairly good shape, but there was some areas that needed scrubbing.


Before I started painting, I pulled the hardware off.  And, then I gave the filing cabinets 2 solid coats of the Neptune.


That color just speaks to me... I am in love.  Now...don't be fooled here..  These are the same file cabinets in my office if you've seen the full office reveal.  Depending on what you seal your painted furniture with, will at times change the color.  I knew that when I did these, so I wasn't alarmed.   Below you will see the difference.

As the cabinets dried, I used Modern Masters Metal Effects to change up the hardware.  I liked the cup pulls, but needed them to be a different color.  I used my rust & green patina activator to complete the look.


My next step would be the desktop.  Originally I was going to use an old wooden door that came out of a historical home locally, and I was going to use plexiglass over the top, but it wasn't sitting right with me. I'm pretty visual, but I wasn't visualizing the look I wanted.  I love the door & I will use it at some point for something else.  But, now I had no idea what I was going to use.  I was pretty much at square one.  Without a long flat surface, I had no desktop.  And, I didn't want just any flat surface, I had a vision you guys...

We had decided to take a lunch break...this doesn't happen often, but my husband & I actually went to grab lunch out together.  At this point in this reno, I was ready to be moving forward more than 2 steps at a time, and taking none backwards.  Now with no desktop, I was moving more than a few steps back, this never sits well with me.  I stress, I toss & turn in my sleep, I didn't sit still through lunch, my mind wandered...I NEED to find my top...desktop that is (minds out of the gutter please).  Ergh why do we do that to ourselves.  When we got home, I walked through the front door, and there in front of my face was my answer... It literally jumped up & slapped me..


This is my sofa table & it's what you see when you first walk into our home.  I love it so much... Do you see what the top is?  It is an old barn door we picked over a year ago from a barn being torn down.  Um..yes please!!  It is rustic & would fit the space perfect aesthetic wise!! I screamed, dropped my purse, and ran out of the garage door.  Guess what?  Nope I didn't use this one, I had another one in my garage.  YESSSS... I felt like I had just won the lottery...well almost!  Stressed?  Me nope not at all not even a little bit...ok maybe I had just a little hard time focusing on any other conversation at lunch, but I pretended I was listening!  That counts, right!?!


Ugly & dirty as it might be, I could make it look gorgeous...  I cleaned this girl up, grabbed my Unicorn Spit in Zia Teal & Molly Red Pepper, and I went to work on continuing with my vision! Have I ever told you how much I love Unicorn Spit?  The smell soothes me, as I was working on this door I just felt so calm... Plus it help kill that smell of the barn door being out in the elements, probably from the pig barn it sat on for many years..ewww!  But, I promise I cleaned it well, and it was sealed once I finished :)


BEAUTIFUL...right!  I love it!  And, just to give you an idea of where this is all going!!  My vision...it is living in this picture.  I was happy & ended the day on a good note.


We took the file cabinets up to the office to set them up.  And, this is where the true color on the cabinets come out, & you can see the transformation working.  In the picture above I used straight hemp oil wax.  It has a yellowish tint to it which will slightly yellow them, I wanted that to pull the true teal patina color I was looking for.  Once I got them up to the office, they needed to darken just a bit.  And, so they got black hemp oil wax.  I went over them a couple of times, buffing in between coats.  The black hemp oil wax gave the exact antique look I was going for.  I did use a little dark brown wax just get into the crevices to age them a bit more.


It's all set up...but not complete just yet.  I used some posts I had in our shed along with supports on the walls & sides of the filing cabinets to attach the desktop on to.  I again used Modern Masters to give the posts some rusty & green patina age to them.  We had to cut them down just a bit to fit the height. Isn't this top done in Unicorn Spit just beautiful?


And, the filing cabinets match my room... a true match made in heaven!  I seriously couldn't have asked for a better fit for this room.


George thinks so as well... That's his spot.  He comes in every single day & lays right behind my chair....keeping watch!


Pay my friend Karen of Wise Owl Paint a visit, let her know I sent you!! She has some amazing colors, and if you follow her page on facebook, she shares inspiration color palettes, and hosts giveaways.  Karen is always happy & willing to help you find just the right color.  Karen's story of where the name Wise Owl comes from is one of my all time favs.

Unicorn Spit...It is one of the most amazing products I've used.  I have written & spoken of it many times.  It's magical, it smells amazing, and the story that encompasses all that it is will inspire you, encourage, and bring a smile to your face!  Unicorn Spit also has a wonderful facebook page that provides information & support for any question you may have.  Go say hello to Michelle, you'll immediately feel her love & passion!


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  1. This is a nice transformation. My husband has turned doors into desks many times over through the years. It's a nice way to repurpose something. Your office looks really nice now.

    Thank you for sharing this with us on the #HomeMattersParty. We hope to see you again when we open our doors on Friday at 12AM EST.


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