My power tool addiction

If you have been following me for any amount of time, you have heard me speak of my power tool addiction..  Specifically Ryobi Tools.

Every year I attend the Haven Conference & I take every session/class Ryobi puts on..  One because I love getting in there & getting my tool fix while away from home, but also because guys the Ryobi folks rock!  They love helping you & showing you how to use the tool properly.

My love of power tools actually has a story...

The love & bond between a daughter and her daddy is something I am lucky to have.


My daddy & I bonded through many outlets.  One was the many road trips we took hauling to rodeos.

The first picture is my awesome High School Rodeo horse that took me to the state finals year after year!!  The second is a picture of her son.  He was this short stocky beast!  The pictures below are of him as well when I was taught how to rope on times!  The quality is awful since they are old photos...




So how does that have to do with power doesn't, but it brings us to the relationship I had with one of two that held my interest in woodworking.

My father spent many hours in the workshop building furniture and doing woodworking.  I loved going into the workshop to watch him make cuts for a table, or running his router, or making a clock. I respect my father & always loved learning from him.  We bonded over many cuts of wood...

When I was about 5 I can remember the homes my PaPa built!  Here is a little excerpt from my Home Tour (which is outdated & I promise to update it soon).

"My PaPa built homes in Oklahoma and I can remember walking through some of the homes when they were first being framed and I had an instant love with the smell of cut wood!  I remember as our home was being built and after the first or second time I walked through the newly framed home, I had a dream and saw my grandpa and he hugged me tightly and nodded his head as he walked away...   I believe he was with me as our home was being rebuilt."


I can still remember visiting him on-sight and loving to see him work.  His workshop was full of amazing tools!  He had an amazing ability to make me, as I got older, want to build & create.  I know often he is with me as I am working!!

This all brings me to why I am writing this post.  See for me picking up a tool comes somewhat natural.  My father lives with us, and so if I ever have a doubt or a question I can go ask him.  I also have an extremely handy husband.  He once worked in home construction for his uncle building homes.

My very first power tool that I purchased was this palm sander by Ryobi.. yup.

Intimidating right!?!  Nah not really, but for someone that doesn't pick up a power tool it can be.  As my days of working on furniture and wanting to do more, I started to slowly expand my tool collection.

I often times have to remind myself, and I do it on a consistent & constant basis, is that not everyone has been around a tool that turns on.  I even have to remind myself that picking up a paint brush isn't so natural to everyone either.

As I started collecting tools, I learned more & more each day about using them from how to use them correctly & safely by either asking my father, my husband or watching videos and just practicing.  I am not being paid or sponsored by this post at all, I just wanted to talk about power tools...I love them that much.  I am talking about Ryobi mainly since I gravitated towards Ryobi for a couple of reasons.  They are making tools without cords!  This is imperative for me on days I am working in various locations...let me explain.  I have furniture that needs to be worked on all over my house, in my basement, in my workshop, in my garage, now in my office... With that being said, I can't always get to a plug without moving stuff, and that takes time & much effort...and time is crucial on most days.

Another big drawing point is every power tool I own from them...simple to use!  My AirStrike nailer, one hand!  I did our shiplap flooring in the office using the AirStrike nailer & seriously with no problem used one hand...



Also they are truly reasonably priced.. Or I wouldn't be able to have as many of them as I do!!  Remember's an ADDICTION!!


Ryobi has provided amazing customer service to me.  You can visit their website and go to the TOOLS 101 & watch videos on the tool & how to use it.

Recently we did a office build in our home.  We used Ryobi tools pretty much exclusively from building the room to creating the furniture makeovers!

 This little corner cat sander is & has quickly become my sweet buddy for my furniture makeovers..  You can see it went to work on this settee I redid..


We used Ryobi since I had them on hand obviously.  But, the tools we had are so easy to use & made the job that much easier.  Plus, again, being that they are cordless made it that much better.  I was doing things before the electric was turned on in the room...battery operated tools that provides amazing power came in super duper handy!  Even my husband commented on the ease of use!  By the way...just to have this noted here.. He steals my tools all the time.  I keep them neatly put away, and know what goes where on my pegboard so I know when somethings been moved :::hawk eyes right here:::


My office space excites me...makes me proud of what WE accomplished.  WE as in my husband & I and Ryobi!  It's by far the biggest project we've done to date.  It gave me the chance to use multiple power tools which is addicting you guys (I often find things to nail just to use my joke), and to learn more about each tool.  I spent many hours with my green tools, and trust me when I say we bonded!!


When I was at Haven, I shared my office with some of the folks from Ryobi.  Well actually my travel buddy, friend & blogging BFF Evey was bragging to them about it :::blushing:::  They were like you have to enter that in the Ryobi Nation contest, you can win power tools... WHAT!?! Power tools..I can win more..count me in.  My thing is because I forget that some of the things I do don't come easy or natural for others, that anyone would be interested.

I came home & entered the contest.  As I submitted my project, I asked myself what makes this project contest entry worthy, what makes it winner status worthy..  I started thinking about how others view these types of projects.  What about those that have never touched a power tool, and why?  How could I help someone that wants to but is intimidated by a miter saw or even a drill?  What makes that person want to learn to use it?

If you are so inclined & you want to see me use even more power tools.. you can vote for me here ---->>>>  Ryobi Nation  You do have to sign up, but seriously it takes only takes a minute.


My question is...  Do you use power tools?  If not, why?  If you fear using them, don't fear!  Watch videos on how-to!  Practice... I find scrap wood and I play.. Be safe & wear your safety goggles, and get your power tool game on!  Or maybe the addiction part scares you..haha!  No seriously I admit fully I have a problem, but I am not looking for any help to cure this problem at the moment.. :)  LOL!!

I would love to do some videos using some of my Ryobi tools.  What tool would you like to see me use?  I only lack a few tools, but if I have it I am happy to show you!


  1. :) I brag because you are amazing and I'm so PROUD to call you friend! You, my dear, are talented, and the world neeeeeds to see this! Also, you have a heart of gold!
    love you chick!

  2. I think the only tool that's particularly scary/intimidating is a nail gun. There's something about how potentially lethal they are that I think puts most people off. The there's that scene is that Final Destination movie of course...


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