Father's Day Gift (or a gift for any occasion)

Now that we have given out our Father's Day present, I can share with you what we did.  

Ryobi Tools
We created a gift that is super easy, inexpensive, and has an amazingly beautiful outcome to bring lasting memories.  The best part... These gifts can be for any occasion.  

I ordered Engineering Prints in black & white (you can also do them in color) from our local Staples.  I ordered them right online.  They were crazy inexpensive.  I believe I paid less than $2.00 each.

I used some extra trim wood we had in our stash.  They are plain pine trim planks.  I cut them to fit across the top & bottom of each print using my Ryobi Miter Saw.  It was fast & easy to cut.  You could also use the Ryobi jigsaw to make the cuts if you don't have a miter saw or table saw.

This is not a plug for Ryobi, but seriously I am in love with my miter saw.  It's cordless, it's light, it has a laser & I use it a ton!  

I had already stained the borads because I had planned on using them for something else. They were perfect for this project so I went with it!

Once they were cut, I painted them with gray paint.  Another paint that I had on hand.  It took very little paint, just enough to cover the boards.

I was making 3 gifts and so I needed 6 total boards.  

I let them dry, which only took about 20 minutes.  I then lightly sanded & distressed them.  Since I did black & white prints, I wanted a vintage look.

I used black hemp oil wax on them.

I used my Ryobi narrow crown stapler to attach them to the boards.  And, added picture hanging wire to them.

And...wallah all done!

This one is for my father!  He loves having pictures of his family...

This one is for my father in law.. His son & granddaughters.. LOVE!

And, this one for my husband!  An awesome rad dad....for him to hang in his home office!

So very simple yet truly a gorgeous piece of art.

You can see that this could be for any occasion.  Remember they are engineering prints & that means made of paper so you want to be careful with them.  But, I see so many ideas & possiblities that are endless!

I realized that I used my Ryobi tools for most of this project.  They did not sponsor this post... I just really love my tools from Ryobi.  They make DIYing easy & fun.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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