Kaitlyn'sTribal/Arrow Room Makeover

A very special thanks to Benjamin Moore for providing the paint for this post!  All opinions are my own & 100% honest.

Tribal Room Makeover

When we first moved into our home our girls shared a room & we set the extra room up as a playroom..  They both still play, but being 2 years apart their play time is a bit different. Sometimes they play together, but they both like their own space.

Benjamin Moore Paint

The girls room was done in their favorite colors - pink & purple with a ballerina theme.  And, while they both still dance, they've moved onto to more big girl themes.  The purple is a lavender color from Benjamin Moore.  The playroom was done in a yellowish color when we first moved in. 

I didn't think we'd be splitting the rooms up so early.  But, the girls wanted to on their own rooms.  It gave me the perfect opportunity to set out to do a more personalized room for each of them.

I gave them the freedom to choose color palette and what they'd like to have as a theme if they wanted one.  My Katie loves arrows/tribal.  Her favorite color is not the color she choose for her room which kinda shocked me.  She choose a teal & grey color palette.  I added the coral & happy I did!

We went with a color that Benjamin Moore supplied us with called Slate CW-700 Natura Eggshell. I absolutely love how it looks on the walls, and the way the white trim pops off the color.  Such a gorgeous fresh color.  

We also used the slate on her furniture.  While I love the color, I knew we needed to darken it up so the room wouldn't be one big room of the same color.  I added a bit of Benjamin Moore Slate and Mopboard black together to create just a bit of a darker color.

I started on her desk/vanity set.  Using the custom mix to spray the set.  More about the set in a blog post soon.  This set was left out on the side of a dumpster along with a cute little bench!  So blessed to have friends to call us when things like this are left for the garbage :)

I used Benjamin Moore Teal Tone as the accent color.  This is such a beautiful turquoise color, and both Katie & I absolutely loved it.

Tribal Makeover

I added the mirror to the desk/vanity set since it didn't have one.  I know my girl & I know she really wanted a mirror.  She choose the fabric to cover her chair, and a little bench.  I think she did a darn good job in picking it.  It is something I certainly would have picked for myself.

Fern Avenue blog

Moving on we used the Teal Tone on her dresser & did a reverse stencil in the Slate.  I will post more about this dresser in another post soon as well.

Arrow Handles

All those who wander are not lost

One of the things that I really wanted for her room was a headboard.  A few years ago I found a set of twin head & foot boards at Habitat.  They are pretty amazing, but just don't fit this room.  So I set out and did what I do... I built her one out of scraps I had laying around.

That there is pieces from an old table & some posts that I was going to use last summer to build a table.  They've been staring at me in our basement for over a year...  Now they had a job!

On Fern Avenue Headboard

My girl is a reader.  You can find her in her room reading before bed, when she wakes up in the morning or if she gets herself sent to her room for you know talking back.  I wanted to give her some bookshelves for her to put her books and other tchotchkes.

I found these guys at Habitat.  They are bookcases that go on top of filing cabinets that I will be using in my office.  Perfect fit!
Again using the custom mix darker grey.  I then added some teal tone glaze that I made up.

Bookshelf makeover

I just love how the teal pops out of the crevices...  Such a beautiful combination.

Besides doing some wall accessories and decor items, all of her furniture was ready to go.  I sat out to paint her room in the Slate, which only took me a day to do. 

Bye bye yellowish walls...

 The last thing I need to add is a new light fixture, but haven't found one I think works in the room yet.

Once the walls were done, the next day we moved all of her new stuff in & set up her room.  I even had small hands to help!

We had picked out a different comforter, & none of us really liked it.  The next day I had run some errands, returned the other comforter.  I was in Home Goods, and spotted the perfect comforter.  The best part was it tied into our color palette perfectly.  It was going to be a surprise to Katie since she hadn't seen it yet.  

Room makeover using arrows

Here she is walking into her room once I had her new comforter & a few additional decor items.  I love this sweet video of her. 

I love this room.  I love the colors.  I love the comfort it brings when you walk in.  It's a perfect reflection of my Katie.

Room makeover with arrows

She loves collecting K's.  I love that she looks for them every single time we go to any store with home decor.  Looking for ones that are different.

Tribal and Arrows

Thank you to Benjamin Moore for providing the paint to create such an amazing space for my girl.

Stay tuned for future blog posts about the furniture pieces I repurposed for Katie's room.  Wait until you see what that dresser once looked like!!

On Fern Avenue blog


  1. Beautiful. Your daughters are blessed to have such a creative mom!

  2. Great job! Very inspiring and unique. I really like what you did to the seven year old's room. What changes did you make to the 5 year old's room?

    1. Thank you Linda!! I haven't finished the 5 (now 6) year old's room yet. I had another big project to work on first, but it's coming soon :)

  3. How did you make the tassles over the headboard? Great job, by the way!

    1. Thanks Barbara.. I purchased them at Hobby Lobby. Aren't they adorable?

  4. Wow! I love this turquoise color! The theme of the room really look awesome too and I love these little arrow handles on the drawers.

  5. Great rooms! And Benjamin Moore paint is the best. I want to paint some more rooms in my house, and I think I'll be going with their paint.

  6. What a great room you've created for your daughter, Lynn. It should definitely take her through her Tween years, and then some. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love the colour of the chest of drawers! The whole room looks so different after a lick of paint, great job :)

  8. I love that you said the bedroom you created for her reflects her.
    Thank you for joining us at Thoughts of Home. This is a special post.

    White Spray Paint

  9. Great job! Love the color scheme she chose and the pops of coral too. Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!

  10. Wow, that turned out great!! I love seeing her help. :) Thank you for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty

  11. Great transformation as your daughter leaves the 'tea party' stage and enters the world of a 'tween'er'. This transformation is wonderful.


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