Trans-Siberian Orchestra

I guess you can guess what this post is all about by the title :)  The Trans-Siberian Orchestra!

I've been going to see The Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) faithfully every year since 2004 (I believe)!!  Every year that I've been blogging I always say I am going to write about the experience...and I fall short.  But, this I am!!

I need to be apart of the TSO Fan seriously I do!  I have never classified myself as a groupie, but I LOVE TSO :)   A quick fun fact about me before I get into our night with TSO.  Even though I was a "cowgirl" I never cared for country music...I am & have always been into hard rock/heavy metal.

I have been wanting to take Katie (my oldest) to see TSO, and I felt this year it was time.  She had no idea what to expect even though I have shown her videos & pictures.  We choose to go to Reading, PA this year.  It's a hike for us, but it was nice to have the day together.  And, this is an experience I was excited to share with her.  I was able to get some of the best seats in the house...front row on the floor!  #blessedgirls

We walked into the arena and down to our seats on the floor.

Bryan Hicks...Absolutely the best narrator.  He looks just like our Herb at school (security)

One of my favorite things about TSO is their genuine personalities.  You can feel their love of what they do the entire time they are on stage!  It's so powerful. So very uplifting!

The pyrotechnics are off the charts.  They truly rock it (literally)...

My girl was completely in awe throughout the whole show.  Such intense look on her face, and at times I'd have to ask if she was ok.  She just zoned out.

Bill Hudson

 Katie was intrigued by the guitar players, and the girls singing!  She clapped, smiled and danced the whole time.  We had such great seats that it was so easy for her to see it all!

One of my very favorite members has always been Chris Caffery...  I love this shot I caught of him.  Love this guys energy!

Chris Caffery
 If you don't follow along with Chris Caffery on should.  Chris is the real deal.  He is so very real, kind & his heart is gigantic!  He also makes his own hot sauce...for real we should be best friends!
Russell Allen
 I could listen to Mr. Allen sing all day long!  His voice is heavy metal very soulful, and fun!!

Dave Z

Rob Evan
 This performance that Rob did of An Angel Returned... CHILLS every.single.time.

 Just watching this guy play guitar was inspiring on so many levels!!

After the first half, Chris introduced the band...


Derek Wieland
 The second half of the show is just as electrifying as the first half!!



 Roddy Chen is one of my all time fav violinist.  Katie has been talking about him a lot today! He is amazing.

Roddy Chen
 I had a hard time getting pictures of the girls singing.  I am always blown out of my seats listening to these ladies sing!  Not only are they super talent singers, guitar players, but no one would even deny they are HOT!

It was hard to get to get a good picture, but this is at the end of the show.  Fireworks were off the hook!  Katie was all smiles :)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Band Members

Some pretty crazy highlights of the night...

First off I have never been to a single TSO concert that I felt like I didn't want it to end.  I just could listen to this band play all the time.  I am never disappointed any part of the show.  The members are always so personable.

Chris Caffery was on stage in front of us...literally in front of us.  I could actually hear him talking into his mic :)  I told Katie to wave at him, and as soon as she did, he came off the stage.  I told her look, high five him!  Well instead he came & played next to her.  She was beside herself & didn't know what to do!



That totally made her night!!  And, then at the end of the concert guitarist Bill Hudson came to the side of the stage & called Katie over to give her a guitar pick... WHAT the WHAT!!!

And, then if that wasn't enough... My sweet girl was called up by the drummer Jeff Plate to give her one of his drum sticks.  MY mind was blown!  How incredibly amazing blessed is she!?!


We had a bit of drive home, and this girl was wound up on excitement from her first of many to come TSO concets!  We made a pact that this will be a yearly tradition to go see them together!  #traditions

She was still beaming this morning...and so is momma!!

Thank you Trans-Siberian Orchestra for making my girls first concert such a memorable experience.  She will remember this for the rest of her life!!

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