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Hello beauties.  I want to wish all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I am going to try & get through this post with a dry eye, but not sure that will happen.  For the last couple of years my girls have been taking dance classes with a couple of girls that I've become friends with their mom (Megan).

A while back my sweet friend Megan asked me if I could freshen up a trunk for her.

Of course, I'd love to :)  In the beginning I didn't realize the significance of the trunk.  I knew it was her grandfathers.  I knew she saved it from being thrown away as her mom didn't think anything could be done with it.  And, I knew it would be going into her oldest daughters room.

I am thinking neutral colors...grey, beige, antique white, taupe... or maybe even a pop of color.  And, so when I picked up the trunk she asked if I could bring it back to like it was (as much as possible), keeping the army green color.  I can do that!!  She's like me, she loved the rusty patina that was part of the history of the trunk.  And, she wanted to try and salvage the tags that were original of the trunk.

I took it home, matched up the paint for the trunk.  And, went to work on getting it painted.  I knew that I wanted to use my favorite product Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust Activator to bring out the rust in the metal areas.

As I was working on the trunk a very strong sense of history was surrounding me.  Ok here is the "let's keep a dry eye".  The sense was overwhelming.  It's so hard to describe what my heart was feeling.  At one point while I was working on it, I started to cry.  I wasn't sobbing, I wasn't bawling, it was just a slight run of tears. I felt a story.

The straps on the trunk were not salvageable.  I had my dear friend Terry that restores trunks help me with them & replace them.  I used Modern Masters to bang them up a bit to make them look old and give them a "patina" look.

Old strap on original trunk

Brand new strap

New strap made to look old

While at the school one day, I had seen Megan and told her we were nearing the end.  I was picking the trunk up from Terry that afternoon & I needed to freshen up the inside, and do some touch ups, and we'd be all set.

I asked Megan a little about the trunk.  That is when she told me the story that her grandfather was an orphan, and they didn't have many items of his.  One being this trunk, his goggles & his flight log from his days as a pilot in the Navy during WWII.  Chills!!  Megan's oldest daughter loves the military & so she wanted this trunk for her room...chills!  I received this story from Megan's mom along with the photos!

The USS Cabot was an Independence class aircraft carrier.  Often called a light carrier, the Cabot carried  fighter aircraft and torpedo bombers in the Pacific Theater.  It served proudly beside the USS Essex during WWII.

The Cabot was commissioned in 1943 and served until 1947.

The USS Cabot received 9 battle stars and the Presidential Unit Citation.

My father, Edward Harold Kepponen proudly served on this carrier as a Chief Petty Officer.  He crossed the equator and the International Date line simultaneously (see photo of card)  and spent long months in the Pacific during the war.  He didn't speak of the war often, but when he did, the stories were profound. He buried his best friend at sea after an aircraft  exploded on deck. To make the situation all the more dire,  his friend had taken his shift because he was sick.   He spoke of the bonds of friendship, the pain of loss and the fear of the unknown and of courage.  My Dad was very proud of his Navy days and he instilled in both me and my sister a deep love and respect of our country.

If his trunk could talk  I am sure the salty tales of men dedicated to protecting their homeland would hold us all in a trance.

The attached pictures are of the a section of the USS Cabot that is at Naval Museum and my father's card stating that he was a member of the Deep Order of the Golden Dragon.  And a picture of my Dad in uniform.

I do not have a dry eye right now...sorry but not sorry!  What a piece of amazing history that my sweet friend's daughter will have.  Oh the stories.  

Today's grateful post is about family heirlooms!  I am so thankful that as time speeds past us, we have pieces of our family that we can pass on to our children, telling them stories of those they may have never met or met briefly.  

Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust Activator gave me the ability to give this trunk a nice rusty patina.



I mean...GAH look at that rusty look!  They look like they've been sitting in a barn somewhere for years becoming all rusty and such!  LOVE!!!


I was able to transform brand new casters into looking very old, rusty and they've sat on this trunk for as old as the trunk.

 Modern Masters

I've used Modern Master Metal Effects on so many projects both for myself & for clients.  One of my favorites that I've done is this trunk..

Modern Masters Metallic Truck
If this trunk could talk....
I would patina everything I own if I could.  I just love love love a green or blue patina, and now Modern Masters has a kit that has everything in it you need to achieve that look.

Metal Effects Kits - they have everything you need all in one place and the Green and Blue Patinas will be available in soon (the online store, not the physical stores). [Rust will be introduced later in the year or early next.] The size makes them great for small crafts. If you were to need more flexibility in terms of product sizes because of the larger size of your project, the small retailers, Amazon and the online shop are the way to go for that flexibility. This way, there's options for everyone. 
Modern Masters is giving not ONE but TWO lucky winners a Metal Effects Kit!!!  Such a generous offer!!! I am so excited about this...because I absolutely love Modern Masters.

Modern Masters Metal Effects

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  1. An old metal cabinet

  2. I have so many things, but oddly enough, a trunk that has been in my husbands family for years. It is filled with all of the things from my husbands childhood. That would be my first project! Thank you for the giveaway and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  3. So many projects so little time.. I have the perfect metal frame mirror which would be perfect for this!!! :)

  4. What an incredible teary eyed story. Sometimes we stuff our homes with "stuff". I'm glad you're highlighting something that has such special meaning. Beautiful restoration job, Lynn!

  5. I have a collection of decorative hand mirrors that I would love to display on the wall. Modern Masters would be terrific for them. Happy Thanksgiving!
    -Renee Millson

  6. The real question is, what WOULDN'T I patina!

  7. Beautiful job Lynn! I'm so glad you asked her about what she was thinking of before you started... it would have been fun to see it transformed with pops of colour, but this is so much more authentic and her daughter will love the history of it for a long time to come!

  8. I would patina a really cool vintage floor lamp I have.

  9. Your trunks are drool worthy! I love Patina and would love to win this package. Thanks for the opportunity! ;o)

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  11. Great story, relationships and history are so important in life and what you have done, a price can't be put on. I'm touched and inspired, I look forward to trying this product. I would probably try it on a fence or staircase.

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  13. I saw a table top done and I would love to try it on my dining table or on our tv credenza.

  14. I have several old trunks I would love to use this on

  15. This looks like a very interesting product, it would be fun to try it out!

  16. I have the same old trunk that you had previously used MM rust activator. The trunk was a gift from my brother that he purchased for me at a yard sale for $20.00. He loved shopping for great buys that I would love to finish. I lost my brother in May of this year to cancer. He was such a good man, had been in the ministry since he was 17. I still have not worked on the trunk but I am sure it will be a treasure that I will keep forever!!!

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  18. I have a metal Army field desk that is a commission piece for a favorite client. We're still contemplating on the finished look. I just found the answer and can't wait to share this post with her!....even if I am not lucky enough to win this generous GiveAway, MM is the way we'll go!

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  20. Awesome giveaway! I have a trunk I'd love it try it on!

  21. I want to make a console table and patina the legs!


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