Adorne by Legrand - I am grateful for giveaway series

Happy Saturday my beautiful friends!  I am so happy you are joining me today for this giveaway series hosted by Adorne.  

Each giveaway post in this series I have given you what I am grateful for.  None in a particular order.  Today's post hits pretty hard & some days I still have a hard time writing/talking about it.  But, it is something that brings such a humble feeling, knowing life can change in an instant.  I believe some days we are so bogged down with our daily lives to remember that we are fortunate to have a roof over our heads.  It's just there...always. 

Adorne by Legrand - I am grateful for giveaway series
Our rebuilt home

I think about it often....almost daily.  I look at the home I live in & some days pinch myself that I live here.  I am so very grateful for my home & the sense of thankfulness every single day that we have it.  You see a few years back while doing renovations, we lost our home to a devastating fire.  It was our first home we purchased together as husband & wife.  

Fern Avenue Blog I am grateful for
The original home

The morning we received the phone call, my knees buckled and I feel to the floor in complete disbelief.  You see we had just moved our entire belongings into the home as our renovations on our newly purchased home had come to an end.  We were getting to move in on our 5th wedding anniversary.  We had stayed one more night at grandmas house, and that is where we got the call at 6:30 am.  

It was by far one of the hardest days of my life.  I couldn't even see clearly.  I couldn't even imagine what the next year would bring.  It brought out my creative side.  And, it is the reason I started this blog.  With the help of many, we rebuilt our home.  And, every single day I am grateful for my home, and all of the good it has brought.  We are blessed beyond to have a place that we love to call home!

With HOME being my focus today, I am teaming up with adorne by Legrand to bring to you a fun & exciting giveaway.  

The adorne collection by Legrand is the ultimate finishing touch for the home and the perfect solution for homeowners, architects and designers —accessorizing the home has never been easier. 


One lucky reader will win 1 room worth of product from the adorne collection comprised of elegant switches, outlets and wall plates.  

If you have been following along my blog for long, you know how much I love pops of color, and the wall plates offer such a fun array of colors to choose from.  And, adorne wall plates are available in single, double, triple & quad sizes.. And, one of my all time favorite features is that the wall plates can be custom which are paintable.. WHOA... Endless possibilities! 

wall switch covers

The adorne collection not only brings smart innovation to your home, but practical innovation.  With adorne you will discover beautiful and stunning designs for any room that fit perfect in any style.  

Need an extra outlet without needing to plug in an adapter. Not only is it sleek in design, but it is tamper resistant.  I simply love that with the slight push the outlet pops in & out hiding the outlet in the wall.

pop out outlet
“Hello Clever” Pop-Out Outlet, White with Mirrored White Wall Plate
    Don't have the connector for your phone charger? No problem...  This is a key outlet for our home, with 2 ipods, 1 iphone, 2 androids, and 3 tablets, this outlet is essential for everyday living in the Fern house!   

    tamper resistant outlet and usb outlet
    “Hello Connected” Tamper Resistant Outlet and USB Outlet, Magnesium with Custom Wall Plate 
      Need to see your light switch at night, but you don't like the typical plug in nightlight?  Adorne has the perfect accent nightlight!  

      softap dimmer and softap switch
      “Hello Gorgeous” sofTap Dimmer and SofTap Switch, Magnesium with Oil Rubbed Bronze Wall Plate
        Have too many things in your hands, and you can't flip the switch?  Adorne has you coverd with the wave switch!  This certainly would come in handy with my paint covered hands... I can't tell you how many times I've used an elbow to turn on a light.

        wave switch
        “Hello Wow” Wave Switch, Magnesium with Turquoise Wall Plate
        Need help with inspiration?  Visit adorne by Legrand on Pinterest , and tell me what you would do in your room with products from adorne.  

        before and after light switches
        Before and after

        whisper dimmer switch
        “Whisper” Whisper Dimmer Switch, Magnesium with Brushed Brass Wall Plate
          wave switch with nickel wall plate
          “Hertz”Wave Switch, Magnesium with Satin Nickel Wall Plate
            Installing is as easy as a Saturday morning project... Each switch, dimmer, or outlet wires the same way as existing electrical products. To install adorne, you simply remove the existing switch, mount adorne's included metal frame to the wall, then pull the wires through the frame and attach them to the device. Then, snap on any adorne wall plate — all of them screwless — and you’re done!  

            I am seriously blown away with the entire adorne collection.  If you want to learn more, venture on over to check out the collection for yourself at adorne by legrand.  


            What room would you put smart, beautiful finishing touches to?  I can't wait to give one lucky reader a chance to win 1 room worth of product from the adorne collection comprised of elegant switches, outlets and wall plates.  The winner will also have the help to coordinate their product order so there will not be that overwhelming feeling of "OH MY GOSH"!  

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            1. Lynn, these look really cool! I have never seen them before. I never knew about your first home. I am so happy you were all safe.

              1. Karin...We were so fortunate that we were not at our home, and we feel very grateful for the angels that were looking over us!! These outlets are super cool. I especially love the outlets with the usb connections.

            2. I would love to update our kitchen outlets.


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