Some Changes...

There are times in life that calls for a change.  It might just be a minor change or just a simple change in routine, but nonetheless it requires change or you become stagnant.

And, if the change isn't made, it creates the flow of life to become imbalanced, out of sync, or the yang isn't lined up with the yin... However you look at it, life just becomes overwhelming.

For On Fern Avenue that road was becoming just that.  I believe that in life there are journeys you take that sometimes must come to an end... No I am not jumping ship on my blog.  It is going to be taking a different road, but I will get to that shortly.  These journeys bring people into your life that you otherwise would never have met.

Sometimes that end for that particular journey isn't always bad, but it does make you sad.  The end in my journey is my time at Newburgh Vintage Emporium.  There is no clear cut that this is the absolute reasoning for the end.  And, who knows where this might lead.  But, there were many factors that played into this decision.

I know when you are a part of something, and you decide to leave, rumors start circulating.  Let me just stomp out those negative thoughts now.  There are no crazy reasons, no drama, no yelling or cursing, or hard feelings.  The only other drama that occurred is when my 7 year old started crying because I am giving up my space! A space she knows I loved & enjoyed.  She wins drama queen of the year for that performance.

I've made many great connections that have lead to friendships that don't end with this journey.  These friendships & connections are partially what made this decision difficult.

But, there are some personal health things that I need to get a hold of, I have 2 girls that are 5 & 7, I have other ventures that I want to move towards to grow my brand over time.  I am growing & spreading my wings in ways I never imagined!!  The time with my girls right now is precious.  I want them to enjoy this time as well, and look back to realize they were a big part of the growth & were never a burden.  I will never get this time back...we have dance, soccer, and The Nutcracker and family game night, and trips to the mall, nights hanging with their fav babysitter while mommy & daddy enjoy time out on dates, and walks and Saturdays cuddled on the couch reading...all that I neglected over the summer.  All because I caved and gave into being a slave to my work.

There are a magnitude of things I'd like to do around our home.  We moved in February 2013, almost 3 years ago.  There were things I wanted to do then that we said we'd do over time.  Well 3 years later and none of it I've done.  But, on the positive side of that, is we've lived here & I see more clearly what I want to do to create our spaces into areas we love.  Not that we don't love our home.

My blog is going to be taking just a bit of a tweeking.  I will still bring my furniture makeovers, but I am going to be bringing it on a whole new level for Fern Avenue, and bringing more home renovations, updates, and so on.  We are getting ready to make transformations in almost every room upstairs...wait we are doing transformations to every room upstairs not almost every room...

Here's what I have up my sleeve -

Kaitlyn's room (once was the playroom)
  • Bench being built/transformed from another piece of furniture
  • Side table
  • Dresser transformation
  • Walls painted
  • New bedding/rug/window treatment
  • Possible new headboard (still working on this idea)
Shea's room
  • Bench being transformed
  • Side table
  • Dresser transformation
  • Other Furniture transformation (for toys)
  • Walls painted
  • New bedding/rug/window treatment
  • Possible new headboard (still working on this idea)

Girls Bathroom
  • Wall Refresh
Common Area (also known as upstairs living area)
  • Paint walls
  • new rug
  • furniture makeovers
Master Bathroom
  • Ceiling treatment
  • Wall refresh
  • new window treatments

Master Bedroom

  • New window treatment
  • Furniture Makeover
  • New bedding

Master Closet/Office Build - this is a big one...but I can't wait.  I've been working on a few things slowly & giving sneak peeks.
This is a whole new area so everything needs to be done.  We've got the flooring down.  Big beams that I am staining to age them will be going up soon.  Then we can drywall.  After that it's all on me.  I will be doing a fun floor & wall treatment.

And, then for downstairs..  I will be doing a pantry makeover and refreshing our kitchen.

I don't want to give away specific details until we are actually doing the project.  My mind changes & I see something or an idea pops into my head that takes me down a completely different path.

I just needed to end my venture at Newburgh Vintage Emporium because if my space isn't full, I am not selling and then I don't make rent.  I was busy all the time creating new things for the space which I absolutely loved doing & I am going to miss so very much.  And, some weeks it was all I did to keep up with sales.  I need to not be tied to "oh my gosh I have to get this done NOW"!  Being overwhelmed with the need to have my space filled is a good means you are selling things :)
I view my time at NVE as an extremely positive experience.  I met new customers, I sold a ton of furniture that got to go live in new homes and have long lives after, I have made new friends, learned a ton about the business, the list really goes on...

And, with that being said.. Life is short & doing things you love is important.

This blog is going nowhere...I love it!  I will still be painting furniture and doing custom work...I love it!  I will be spending more time with my girls, my husband & my father...I love them.  I will be building more...I love it!  I will still be doing things I love & not feeling the overwhelming pressure of "having" to do something.

I hope you will continue on this journey of a ride with me...


  1. Sometimes in life, in order to grow se must make some changes. I know you will excel at the 'new' Lynn.
    A year ago I gave up my part time job, a Social a worker with the Salvation Army , to stay home with the Littles. I also stopped redoing furniture and putting the pieces in a BIG consignment shop for the same reason. All I kept was my painting. And that slowed down some. Regrets... none!
    Enjoy your family.
    ((HUGS)) Gee

    1. as always Gee, you have just the right words! <3

  2. Lynn, Good for you for seeing what you needed to do. Its so hard to sit and see my friends working so hard for something they love, but then trying to play catch up with their other loves. But its a process. I gave up 2 of my spaces for the same reasons. I still kept my primary because its part of me like my kids, but by giving up the other 2 booths it allowed me to be Ahead of the game and have stuff ready on reserve so that I didn't need to feel that constant pressure. I worry about so many MOMS who think they have to be so driven with this job, and then it becomes just that..."a job" instead of a LOVE. I am so proud of you. You are talented and sweet and kind. I can't WAIT to see what you do to your home. It sounds EXCITING! I will be waiting for that first new post.

    1. Oh Karin thank you so much for the love & support you always provide. You get it & you always know exactly what to say to make me feel good about where I am headed. I am so blessed to be able to call you a friend!! Much love and tons of hugs!

  3. No explanations what's best for you and your family questions asked. I will be watching for your posts and cheering you on from here in Ontario!

    1. Thank you Cheryl! You've always been one of my biggest cheerleaders 😀

  4. Lynn,
    I am happy for you that you found the place where you belong for now. You are sure right about life continuously changing. I am glad you are open to the new opportunities in your life and treasure the ones you love. It seems to me your plan is perfect for you. I will see you on your journey as I am along for the ride.
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie


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