Modern Masters Metallic Trunk

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Let me just start off by saying that I am in love with this trunk!  It doesn't belong to me or it'd be making it's permanent residence right here in my home!

I do some work with a dear friend that restores old trunks.  I talked about him HERE on another trunk makeover I did (this is the trunk that led us to this trunk makeover).

He had this trunk that he asked if I could help him with.  He was originally going to scrap it because the top middle slat was really bummed up.  But the rest of it was so awesome.

You can see where the middle slat had to be rebuilt using wood filler

I was going to be heading to Haven that next day or two, and so I told him my friends from Modern Masters would be there.  I'd like to get color opinions to see if I am on track.  Plus it gave me an excuse to hang out and chat with them for a little extra time... I love those guys & gals!!  They are truly some of the best people!

Being that the trunk was stamped metal, I knew I wanted a copper look to go with the copper patina that would be going on the slats & metal straps/embellishments.  But, I didn't want it to be overwhelming copper, I needed it to look aged.

Joe from Modern Masters & I got the color chart out and decided on a mixture of Copper & English Brown.  It only took very little of the English Brown to create the perfect color.

Joe sent me the colors and let me just tell you... I absolutely couldn't be more in love with how this transformation came out.  Joe is the man!!  If you have questions, they are so willing to help and guide you.  I've been using the metal effects for a couple of years now.  I am nowhere the expert as some of the artwork I've seen.  I just love a nice patina look & I get great results every single time!!

If you go to Modern Masters website, and go to the gallery, you will see some pretty amazing work!

I went to work on the trunk, first using metal effects to create a beautiful patina look on the metal embellishments and slats.

And, then using the metallic copper & english brown mix, I put 2 light coats over the trunk.

It really was the exact look I was going for.  It enhanced this trunk and brought it back to life.  One that was close to being totally ended!

I sealed the slats with with hemp oil..

I hope it finds a home that one can truly enjoy it's beauty.  My friend Terry has this gorgeous trunk in his space at Newburgh Vintage Emporium for sale as of this weekend.  But, hurry in or it will be gone.

***please note that even though I was provided the product I used for this trunk I was not asked to write a review.


  1. This turned out beautifully! Thanks for sharing with our Merry Monday party!

  2. ooooooo, I love that aged copper look. This turned out amazingly!!!


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