Benjamin Moore launches its 2016 Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2016 - Simply White OC-117

I was fortunate to be invited for the 2nd year to the Color of the Year launch event by Benjamin Moore.

The video alone of their announcement dang near drew tears.  It was just so well done & executed! 

Let's talk color..  

What goes into picking and choosing what the color of the year will be?  I mean Benjamin Moore has hundreds upon hundreds of colors to choose from.  

A small side of the colors in the Benjamin Moore Design Showroom
How would I know that?  Only because I can spend hours upon hours looking through their color palette, and still walk away knowing I didn't even view half of them.  I mean there's over 250 white hues alone... Crazy!

At my local Benjamin Moore store as I try to decide on colors for a clients commissioned piece
This video shows creative director Ellen O'Neill and her design team talking about the color of the year - Simply White!

Simply White - we are seeing it on runways, kitchen cabinets being transformed to a white hue, at the Oscars... We are seeing more & more white-washed furniture & architecture.  

So is white the controversial color?  Either you love it or hate it or maybe even ehhh it's white!  

"The color white is transcendent, powerful and polarizing - it is either taken for granted or obsessed over," said Ellen O'Neill, Benjamin Moore Creative Director.  "White is not just a design trend, it is a design essential. The popularity of white, the necessity of white, the mystique of white is quantifiable in our industry. Of the top 10 best-­selling Benjamin Moore colors, variants of white occupy five spots. It was inevitable that we would ultimately recognize white as our Color of the Year."

I won't lie, I was surprised by the choice.  I was looking for a blue hue, maybe a teal/turquoise even.

  But, even I will admit this room right here is pretty dreamy.  That table pops from the white floors and the white cabinet...just stunning.

2016 Color of the Year...


  1. I so love white! I know people who don't though. It is timeless, in my opinion.

    1. I know you pull off whites so well. I love white, I just really love color :) I agree though white is timeless for sure! Great to see you here Holly!!!

  2. How fun that you got to attend!! I love the BM whites. Some of the best!!


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