Workshop Day - Flea Market Flip

Oh ummm hi there… 
You still with me?  

Welcome to workshop day….

.....where I was totally in my element, loving every inch of this space.  I mean people if you like to flip furniture, or do any sort of shop work….this was a legit place to be hanging for a day!  

Besides hanging out with my daddy in his workshop as a kid…nothing beats hanging in this place for a day (or more if they never would notice me being there or if they allowed for me to just hang with them.  I sweep for hang time :) )!

I seriously could spend hours a day everyday working here…

There is an area before walking into the workshop where the production crew sits and does their thang!!!  From making sure sound is good, mics are in place and stays in place, shots are set right, etc.  There is also a space for before & after photos of each project.

When we first arrived, we brought in all of our supplies and embellishments that we’d be using for the day.  Our flea market purchases were set out for us in a designated area.  

We were assigned our master craftsmen to help us, but everyone was willing to help if needed, and they did. 

Most of the time while working, I didn’t even realize we were being filmed.  Dustin would just grab us here and there for particular shots. But, overall it was game time....we had ONE day that was really about 6-ish hours to complete our 3 projects.

Yeah! Not a ton of time. 

We were teamed up with Mark & David!!! I would seriously like to morph myself into a tiny little human to ride on their shoulders all day to learn as much as I could possibly learn.  A wealth of knowledge and talent that one day I can only hope to have a small piece of!!! Amazing seriously amazing individuals.  And, I speak of Mark & David since we worked side by side with them throughout the day, but the same goes for Alex & Cija!!  Just so much talent all in one room, I was in constant awe!

Mark, David & Alex did a big portion of our work… We pretty much did the entire trunk…

...which oh my gosh… the vinyl cutout I had done for the stencil… well I had forgotten to prep it prior to showing up that day. It took forever to peel everything away. 

We did a reverse stencil with inspired subway art, we decoupaged subway maps from NYC to the inside, and then added casters from an old cart that once wheeled around glue buckets. 

Once the cuts were made by Mark and Alex on the empire buffet/dresser we did the painting & waxing. 

The cuts took a while since we completely transformed it to become a bar. They had to pretty much rebuild the bottom drawer to hold the weight of the liquor/wine bottles.  

The front 2 doors were completely revamped, and Mark added wine glass holders to the top.  All of that in itself was a full day work, and we still needed to paint it!

All credit goes to David Dall on the Dictaphone!!  

If you caught the episode, at one point when we were in the workshop, you see where David tells us it’s complete.  

Right before that shot, we were looking it over, and I was just blown away at what he achieved to bring our vision to life!  On the episode…you see my lit up eyes, my hands/arms go up and then down..I was praising him!  Such an awesome job!!!

Even though we were busy little bees working hard, we were able to throw a little fun banter back & forth to Doug & June.  

There were some moments..

Right after the boys removed themselves from their Titanic moment, the Executive Producer walked in... 


We loved these guys.. Dustin (our producer) and Michael (June & Doug's producer).  They both were so much fun... And, our camera guy - Tyler!!  All of them, I can't say it enough, truly remarkable people!  We needed the fun & laughs to keep moving through the day.  

And, then it was back to work...

 It was on this day when were truly able to see what items they had purchased.  Prior to the workday beginning we did our first interviews.  It was at this time we were able to walk around and take a peek at their purchases. 

They had a gateleg table, a vintage wood kidney shaped vanity with stool, and a Ford Model A radiator cover.  

The table was getting a faux zinc finish makeover.  The vanity was getting some of June's artistic charm added to it.  And, the radiator cover got a mirror and light added.  

I became a tad concerned with their mirror project.  Let’s face it…It was awesome!! I loved it and could totally see it in many different places.  A man cave!!  A little boys room or bathroom.  It could’ve hung my house in all honesty…I love industrial funky pieces like that.  And, had they not been my competition..I would’ve bought the thing!

June is a super talented artist on many levels.  She has a voice ladies & gentlemen!!! I love music so to hear her sing to my ears!!

Before I get to the sell day… I will say out of the 3 days, this was by far the longest day.  Trying to wrap up 3 full flips in about 6 hours is grueling.  It became stressful at some points, but wow did I love this day. 

As we were wrapping rain storms were moving in, you could literally hear the pounding raindrops on the rooftop… remember the threat of storms and the hottest day of the year on our Buy Day?  I drove home from Stamford, CT in pouring rain at 8 pm that night in a state of pure exhaustion.  But, I left there feeling pretty stoked about our pieces!!

From workshop day (where they had to literally sweep us right out & turn the lights off on us) until sell day would be 2 weeks.  Two long awaited weeks….

Have you seen the episode yet!?!  
Do you know who won?  
If you haven’t seen it, do you have a prediction?

I’ll hold on for Sell Day post to reveal the winner….

But, I'll give you this fun little story to hold you over!!  When the show aired, both of my girls watched.  They are 5 & 7...going on 20 & 22! My 7 year old has been obsessed & seriously has watched the show more often than I count on my hands & feet.  So with that being said...  as the 2 of them sat and watched, my oldest asked me about Doug & June.  She’s genuinely a very curious person (just like her mama).  I told her it was a friendly competition and that even though mommy is super competitive I really liked Doug & June.  And, in fact we have become friends.  She says well why did she say your bar looked "umm dead".  I simply replied it's just part of the show banter.  So, the next time we are watching the show..she says to me "mommy you weren't very nice and you should've probably been put in a little time out".

What!?!  Evidently saying June and Doug's vanity table was "juvenile" wasn't being very kind.  And, that's not the way we should be talking about our friends...especially behind their back…all from my 7 year old!

Lesson learned from my 7 year old... Be kind cost nothing!!!

I will be back soon to bring you our Sell Day!

With much love, peace & happines ~


  1. Thanks for sharing your amazing experience and all the details behind the scenes. Living vicariously through you! lol And your daughters' comments are priceless!

    1. Thank you Lucy!!! It was a truly amazing experience.

  2. Awesome and fun and so exciting! Thanks for sharing. I bet the day was looooong but fun.

  3. I love that workshop and show-so much fun and so great that you could do it!

  4. That is so great...your 7 yo keeping it real, even when she's watching reality TV. You're doing it right as a mom!

  5. OK, so this was not the episode that aired in Minnesota on Sunday night. Now I have to search to find it so I can say to my Flea Market Flip addicted husband.... "I know her".


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