I have a confession...

For almost an entire year I’ve had to keep my mouth shut about a secret…not an easy thing to do when it’s as exciting as…I’m going to be on HGTV’s Flea Market Flip!!

You've all by now have seen this picture as a "sneak peek" to what I might be up to!!!  

F I N A L L Y........

Let me finally yell from the rooftop..... I’m going to be on FLEA MARKET FLIP.  

Have you ever watched it much less heard of it? 

It was once on HGTV but now on GAC.

Most of you all know by now that this is pretty much how I spend my days.  Finding any piece of furniture for cheap (or free on the curb) and flipping it…  My fun finds turned treasures can be found at my shop space at Newburgh Vintage Emporium where I am lucky to be with 40+ other amazing vendors!!!

I mean that is if you follow along on facebook or Instagram or twitter you see posts on the regular of me…errr…my husband loading freebies into the van that I call and say "honey can you come meet me down the street"...  He always knows...  See that look of pure joy :)

You can read here about this nice find.

So the basis of the show is as follows –

Two teams are given $500, a checklist of 3 different flips to purchase at a flea market you are assigned to.  

We then get one day, some amazingly talented craftspeople (I'd like to bottle up all of their knowledge & talent and use as needed) to then do what we do to our pieces to flip them. 

And, then it is time to head on out to another flea market to sell our flipped finds.  The winner is the team that has the biggest profit.  That’s it in a nutshell… 

I’ve been watching the show from the moment it first aired.  I have a few blogger friends that have also been on it.  It’s so fun to turn on the TV to see old episodes and see my friends on there J

So…let’s back up a bit and take you back to the day that started this once in a lifetime experience…

I woke up one Sunday morning last summer at around 5 a.m for some reason.  I couldn’t go back to sleep so I was playing on my phone and checked my emails.  

A few days prior I had listed a couple of items on Etsy and saw an email that came in around 3 am from Etsy.  I first thought it was something to do with some chairs I had painted the fabric… You can read about them here.

I opened it, and my jaw dropped, my stomach swirled and I couldn’t lay still.  Now it is 5 am and who, what, come on people wake up..  They were reaching out to me to see if I’d be interested in casting for HGTV’s Flea Market Flip.  

Well hello sunshine…yes I would!

So many things were going through my mind.  I needed a partner and so I emailed via facebook a fellow vendor from where I have my booth (Newburgh Vintage Emporium - NVE) as soon as I felt it wasn't too early.  

Cindy who also has a space at NVE, paints furniture and frequents flea markets…I asked her if she would be interested in being my partner.  

So that Sunday was spent poolside, filling out forms, getting pictures, headshots and information together.  Cindy on her end was working on the same.  I was told we’d need to get it in to them by that afternoon for them to make a decision. 

We hustled…whew and by end of the day we were told we’d have a Skype interview on Monday at 11:00 am.  WHAT!?! That fast.. We thought it was an interview to basically see if we “looked” ok, could form a complete sentence, but not anything more.  So since we live in 2 different counties, we choose to meet in the middle at a Panera with my laptop.  

Little did we know we were actually being auditioned! It was crazy trying to show your personality on Skype much less sitting in the back corner of Panera..  BLOWN…we both knew we just blew it!  Bummer!

I am an eye contact kinda person that talks a lot with my hands… so a skype audition for someone that has never auditioned in her entire life…. YEAH funny…not so much!

We were told to keep our phones close by that by Thursday or Friday we should hear something from the field producers.. Thursday & Friday came & went…nada!  The following week we were leaving to go on our family beach vacation.  I was cleaning, doing laundry and getting our things packed on that following Friday.  I’ll admit I was bummed…no email no phone call…nothing people…nothing. 

I sat down to check emails & lo & behold an email from one of the field production team had emailed us to fill out some paperwork & that if we were chosen they’d be in touch.  Well come on now…really!  I CAN"T WAIT ANYMORE... Did I ever mention the issue with patience that I have?  I have none..that's an issue!!

We went on vacation for the week.  I wouldn’t let go of my phone all week…I thought wouldn’t this be fun to find out on vacation & celebrate with the entire family… The week passed..nothing. 

My amazing family...all of us for the week at the beach

That Saturday as we were driving up the NJ parkway, I told my husband that it was ok, I had the opportunity to audition.  They reached out to me, so that was something to be proud of.  Within 2 minutes of throwing a one person pity party my email on my phone dinged.  

I ignored…for 1 second… And, there it was.....

CONGRATULATIONS you have been chosen to participate in Flea Market Flip!  I gasped & my husband was like speak..what is it!  All I could say was “oh my god oh my god oh my god”…

We were given very specific “do not post on social media” instructions, our buy day and where! WHAT you say...I can't tell the world I get to film Flea Market Flip!?! My passion....

On the hottest day last year as storms were brewing & getting ready to roll in...Hot & tired by this point

Once the show airs I will post more on where we got to go shopping (if you’ve been following me on Instagram or facebook you might have figured it out…but shh don’t spoil it). 

It was so much fun.. Cindy and I met some truly amazing people… Doug & June...

....spent time with the super fun crew, competitors (our competitors that we truly enjoyed & loved being around) and Lara Spencer..which by the way is so very nice!!  It was truly heaven for me!! 

I will also spill the beans on what we did for our flips and behind the scene footage of each of the 3 days… 

But, for today I will give you one tiny nugget of a behind the scenes moment...

A really fun thing happened.. I love ladybugs & have always believed in the luck they bring if one lands on you... Well...stay tuned to see if my beliefs are in fact something that came to fruition...

That's a wrap....

and this sweet ladybug landed in my hair...

Stay tuned and come back to visit to read more about our 3 days of filming…

I will share our items we bought...I was in love with them & wanted to bring them all home with me!!! I can only give you so much information, but I pinky swear promise to bring you the full details once we air!

Oh and check it out... our small town local newspaper did an interview with me.  It feels my heart with joy!!  The Cornwall Local rocks and they totally hit the write up right out of the ballpark...nailed it!!  

Our episode is titled “Antiques to Flip For” and just aired tonight Sunday, July 5 at 8:30 pm!!!  We are Season 5 Episode 12 and it will definitely be airing again :)

Oh and you can see some of my fun flips and creations at Newburgh Vintage Emporium...if you see me there, stop and say hello! 

Much love, peace & happiness ~


  1. You go girl! How fun is that. I missed it but will see if it is On Demand so I can watch it this week. congrats!

  2. I saw you post on facebook last night, and I record that show. But when I went to my list of recordings this morning, that episode wasn't on there! Bummer. We must be on a different schedule or something.

  3. I'll have to keep an eye open for the repeat episode! Congratulations!!!

  4. I'm sad to know that it won't be airing on HGTV...wondering if we will be able to see it here in Canada??? What an amazing opportunity Lynn...well deserved - CONGRATS!!

    1. Awww thank you Cheryl!! I think they do air at some point on HGTV. If I see it, I will let you know.

  5. That is AWESOME. I have watched it from the beginning too. I also record it. I bet it's waiting for me!

  6. I did see this episode, but didn't know about you or your blog at the time. I just remember the lady with the umbrella! LOL

  7. Hi Lynn! I'm the casting assistant for Flea Market Flip and we are gearing up for yet another season and would love to spread the word to your community!

    We are actively looking for teams that are DYNAMIC, CREATIVE, and can BRING THE FUN!!

    People can email me directly -- by the end of April, 2016, at fmfcasting4@gmail.com.

    Thank you in advance for your help in spreading the word!

    Casting Assistant
    Sammi Mendenhall Casting
    347. 449. 4303


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