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Disclosure: Remember all opinions I share about the products in my post are 100% my own with complete honesty.The post contains sponsored links from Unicorn SPiT

One morning I get a call from my husband on his way to work that goes something like this...

Me (as I answer the phone after he left 5 minutes ago): Miss me already, huh
Him: There is some furniture down by the circle by 9w
Me: oh you do miss me...thank you I will go check it out
Him: I know there's at least one piece you are going to want

He knows me all too well. I go check it out, there was the one piece I grabbed & shared with you if you follow along with me on facebook, twitter or instagram.  
On Fern Avenue

Not only did I pick that piece up but as I was driving by my neighbor's house I spied with my eyes this great chair...

On Fern Avenue

Our text exchange went something along the lines of...

I sent him the above picture of the chair with EEEKKKKKKKK...
Me: Sorry honey but as I drove by it jumped into the van, I tried to push it out, but I just wasn't strong enough...it over powered me!

As soon as I saw the cabinet, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.  This months Fab Furniture Flippin Contest is being sponsored by Unicorn SPiT and it was a perfect candidate to use the SPiT on.  

I've seen some pretty fantastic projects done with Unicorn SPiT (btw how fun and cool is the name!?!). 

At first I wasn't sure just how I was going to be able to use this on my projects, but WOW is all I can say.  I received my sweet package from Michelle with the sweetest note.  I opened it up immediately and was swept away by the most beautiful smell ever...JASMINE (which this cabinet needed).  

:::INSERT FUNNY STORY:::  That afternoon I pick my oldest up off the bus.  She could barely contain herself crossing the street...she couldn't get to me fast enough. Big smile, eyes bright and barely able to breath trying to get out the words "mommy I saw some furniture this morning while I was on the bus that you are going to want to go get... I can show you where it is down by the circle..."  I chuckled and said "daddy called me this morning & told me about it, after I dropped your sister at school, I went & picked it up".  Oh my family...I've trained them well!!

On Fern Avenue

As you can see on the bottom there is a space for 2 drawers, which it had both.  But, the drawer slides were broken and one side didn't even have them attached.  I had a different plan anyway..  I removed all the doors, hardware, everything except for the mid sections.  I filled all of the holes.

I then painted the entire piece Barn Red.  And, then this is where the magic of SPiT happens...

I wanted to add some reclaimed barn wood to the sides... 

The theme this month is... "Come On, Let Your Colors Burst"!!!

I let those colors burst alright... I love color so this was perfect for me!!  First using my one of my favorite colors TURQUOISE...

On Fern Avenue

I added the reclaimed wood to the sides of the cabinet.... And, added some of the stain all over to match the wood sides...

On Fern Avenue

Remember the bottom drawers and that they were broken.  I built one drawer instead of having 2... 

On Fern Avenue

I upcycled the drawer boxes, and used a piece of reclaimed wood for the new front.  It was already painted black, I used some red & turquoise stain, let it completely dry.  I sanded lightly and then splattered some yellow stain using my fingers and flipping it on.  I let it completely dry, and then lightly sanded.

On Fern Avenue

So...here it is my curbside find that I SPiT...

One more before look...
On Fern Avenue

And, now...

On Fern Avenue

It is our locker storage system for our entryway.  When you first walk into our front door it leads right into the main floor of our home.  There's no closet (which we didn't want one), or an official entry.

On Fern Avenue

I added hooks for the girls to hang their backpacks, and jackets (hopefully not anytime soon).  They each get a locker to themselves...lucky girls.  And, the longer one is for guests or our jackets.  The drawer is on caster wheels and can easily hold shoes.  

On Fern Avenue

I wanted ONE large drawer as opposed to 2 small drawers since we'd be using it for shoes.

On Fern Avenue

Eventually I will have some baskets in place for each of the spaces. I haven't found any that will fit the spaces.  They are more square & all I am finding are rectangular...at least the ones I like/want for the spaces.

I had such a fun time using Unicorn SPiT.  I used my hands, no gloves, and it washed right off.  I wasn't worried about chemicals because it is a jasmine scented, water based, non toxic, safe for indoors use, vibrant colored gel stain & glaze in one! "It's the Fruitloop in a world of Cheerios"...is the description pulled directly from Unicorn SPiT!

I sealed the piece with hemp oil and a little black wax.  I am loving our new locker system....it fits the space and our home so well!

Contest Details -

Submission Deadline: Saturday, July 18 (12 am EST)

Theme: “Come On, Let Your Colors Burst"

Sponsor:  Unicorn SPiT

Full set of Unicorn SPiT (all 10 colors)
Syringes for application

What would you create using Unicorn SPiT?  Venture on over to my co-host, Stacy at Anastasia Vintage  to see what she created.  

Now on to the best part, the contest is now open for our troop of talented furniture flippers to add their projects throughout the month.  You will want to come back to visit to see what they are adding I promise.  It's one of my favorite things to do throughout the month...love seeing the creativity!  

You can see what the other hosts SPiT on using Unicorn SPiT by visiting their blogs: 

Michelle @ Dandelion Patina 
Charlotte @ Ciburbanity  

Much love, peace, & happiness~


  1. I love how this piece turned out! I like that you did yours in layers. I can't wait to use mine!

  2. What an incredible makeover! Unicorn spit?? Amazing! Thanks for sharing on the Living with Style Linky Party!

  3. I would use SPiT simply because it has such a cool name! Gonna check it out, thanks for throwing it out there. :)
    Love the transformation, I'm a turquoise lover, too, and just adore the color you added!

  4. Beautiful! But what the heck?! People just put furniture out everywhere?! I wish they did that here!


  5. This is amazing! I've never seen anything like it, it looks so great! Found you over at Something to Talk About link party and so glad I did!

  6. I love the rustic look! (and the layered colors!) Great creation, Lynn!


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