Fun Spunky Mardi Gras Dresser & Armoire makeover

Fun Spunky Mardi Gras Dresser & Armoire makeover

Sometimes when life becomes overwhelming there always seems to be that ray of sunshine that peeks in… 

Today a piece of that sunshine shone into my life and brought that “these are the moments that make me realize what it is about my job that makes me so happy”!!! 

A story of 13 years ago began with a new baby brought home and this was his furniture that was then passed onto his sister a few years later. 

Now that furniture brings on new life, a life that is no longer baby but transformed into something that is totally… SOPHIA!!!  

Her personality is bright, cheerful, loving, free-spirited… 

Her personality says HEEELLLLOOOoooo I am here…

She’s spunky, cool, entertaining, feisty and a little fireball!

I say this furniture totally rocks and tells the story of the owner without one word needing to be spoken. 

We took a vision of layered on bright colors that consist of Gray Mountain, Golden Delicious, Mayo Teal and a final color of Mardi Gras.  All colors from the Benjamin Moore line. 

My client wanted more of a black to show through instead of the brown wood.  I used an ebony gel stain from Old Village over all of the edges.

Once the gel stain was dried I went over the entire set with Gray Mountain which is the wonderful color on Sophia’s walls.

Our next layer was the Golden Delicious.  At first I was worried, but then I was like this color is fantastic for this project.  It is super bright which really pops out from under the other colors.

I then used Mayo Teal from the Williamsburg Collection (which oh em gee...I love this color).  And, then I went back over with the Golden Delicious and then another coat of Mayo Teal.

And, then our last but certainly not least is this stunning color of Mardi Gras!! 

Each color is thickened with Plaster of Paris to generate a thick chalky paint finish.  I put multiple layers to create a chunky, old chippy look. 

I distressed to pull out each of the colors….each one complimenting the other. 

The hardware we choose was originally a brown cast iron look.  I spray painted it with a matte black.

This was such a fun makeover!  I am seriously in love with the way it turned out!

And, I do believe Sophia loves it as well!  My heart filled with such joy at the end of this video…  Do you see that lil firecracker!?!  I just love this girl…and it gives me such joy to see this type of transformation take place! And, knowing a Harley loving guy (her daddy) now wants pink furniture...well gives me that sense of accomplishment!

This is just a glimpse of what gives me the motivation & stamina to move forward on those days that I feel overwhelmed with life!  This is why I love my job… I get to make sweet little girls smile (and scream that “it’s pink everywhere”)…how awesome is that!?!

Once again mom had a vision and she nailed it for her daughter!!

Much love, peace & happiness....


  1. How sweet! I hope you will post a pic when they are in the girls room. They turned out beautiful!

  2. My friend just started doing this in the New Orleans areas (which made me smile since Mardi Gras was in your title).

  3. Very, very beautiful! I love the layers of color!!

  4. Wow, I really love these bright colors they turned out great!

  5. I love how this turned out! It sounds perfect, and it is so pretty! All the colors are beautiful! I would love if you would drop by and link this up to Celebrate It! blog party. It's all about sharing how we celebrate the big and small moments of our everyday lives.

  6. That pink is just gorgeous - I love how you layered it all up, the result was so worth all that effort.

  7. I loved how they turned out! I am featuring this post on Worthwhile Wednesdays tonight.

  8. This is beautiful! What an artistic project. Inviting you to share at our link party #OMHGWW

  9. What a difference! I love the layers of color you created.

  10. What an beautiful color!! Thanks for sharing at our Living With Style Linky Party#2! Join us again next week!

  11. Wow, this makeover is so great, I've never seen a layered paint job like that but it turned out SO cool, what a lucky little girl! That video is so cute too! lol!



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