Thrifty Trip Tuesday #10

It is Tuesday already!?!   I am back to bring you another round of thrifty finds.  I am taking you to an auction that had a style selling antiques, thrifty items, etc that I had not seen before.  

We started inside while old rugs, artwork, and some great thrifty smalls were sold off.  We never sat down, in fact there were no chairs available.  Once that was complete, we moved outside under a giant tent.  The auctioneer walked down the tight aisles and we followed along. 

My understanding is they were overrun from a big estate clean out and they had no room hence the outdoor tents.  They still had several u-haul trucks still loaded.  

I scored a couple of vintage items that I somehow didn't get a picture of....wahh!!!  The items included a pair of men's vintage riding boots and 2 really fun silver trophies.  

I also won these super cute vintage bells.  

Do you know anything about these bells?  Have you ever come across them?

And, these wonderful 2 & 4 drawer oak filing cabinets.  

They are in really great shape, and if I told you what I scored them for you'd probably kick me in the chins.  

I actually spent a ton of time last year looking for a 2 drawer cabinet just like this and came up short. 

Should I paint them?  What color would you paint them?

I also came home with these trunks, along with 2 others not pictured.  Do you see potential in those thrifty goodies?  I will tell you I didn't pay more than $2.00 for any single one of the trunks!!!

I wanted this trunk, but it went for a tad (like hundreds of dollars) more than I was willing to spend.  But, it was just fantastic!!

How cool are these shoes?

I don't know why I passed them up!  No really I don't.... I think they are fabulous and would have loved to have had them....

There was table after table with textiles, glassware, industrial items, and vintage Christmas decor.  

It was a great auction to attend even though we never sat down.  It kept the auction moving along at a nice quick pace.  

What was your favorite item from this trip?

With love, peace & happiness!!!


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