Colonial Williamsburg & Benjamin Moore - The Historical Tour

Part II of my trip to Colonial Williamsburg with the Benjamin Moore team.  You can read about the first part of the trip here.

To start off the next morning we met for breakfast to ensure we had the proper energy for the action packed day that Colonial Williamsburg and Benjamin Moore had put together for us.

Liza Gusler - Colonial Williamsburg

Carl - Benjamin Moore

We were given the proper introduction to Williamsburg by Patrick Henry "Give me liberty, or give me death"!!

We then left for a group tour of the town led by Matt who is the Director of Architectural Preservation.

Visiting homes like the Wythe House.

It was dark in this area so it was hard to get a good quality picture, but look at that detail!!

With each place we visited we learned about each color used throughout the house and the process of how it was applied.  We learned that colors told the story of the status of people.

By mid-day we were needing to re-energize.  Lunch was served to us at King's Arms Tavern owned by Jane Vobe and where Peanut Soup is a well-known!

We were greeted by the Christina Campbell..owner of Christina Campbell's Tavern.

Our bellies were filled as we enjoyed a little entertainment -

We were given a behind the scenes up close & personal tour of the conservation lab & curatorial offices.  Kristin Moffitt, Associate Conservator & Materials Analyst, gave us a little snippet into what her day involves.

Kristin shows us how the colors are analyzed to then begin the process of restoration.  It is interesting to see that with the technology today we are able to look under a microscope and see the layering of each color.

The layering, chippy process....  A process that we try so very hard to achieve in our furniture painting today.

This is where the entire process of determining the paint colors that were used takes place.  And, then where Benjamin Moore & Colonial Williamsburg teamed up to form the Williamsburg Collection consisting of 144 hues.  It is where Trend Meets Tradition!

The day wrapped up with a visit to the DeWitt Wallace Museum and a Scavenger Hunt & Revolutionary Color Tour with Liza Guzler from the Colonial Williamsburg team.

And, a visit to the public hospital on the way out... Not exactly what I was thinking when we were told the exit was by the Public Hospital!!

After spending the day with the teams, we were on our own for a little exploring.

Later in the evening we met for dinner at the Williamsburg Inn where we indulged in food that was served in multiple courses including a lemon sorbet to cleanse the palate, fine wines and dessert was served with as much chocolate syrup as you'd like whether you are paying attention or not!!  ...that would not have been me nope...not at all!

I was asked what was my favorite part about the weekend.  That's hard to answer because while we were in some of the best company, served some of the finest foods, and treated as royalty, what's left!?!  But, as a painter, and someone that enjoys a gorgeous color palette, I would have to say that learning about the vibrant colors that were used in the 18th century and the history of how those colors were achieved was probably one of my favorite things from the weekend.  To know that it was a true in-depth collaboration to obtain an accurate color palette for the Williamsburg Collection.  It is much more than looking at the color and saying "oh that is blue but not a dark blue, and then just creating an ok match".  They went to great lengths to ensure the colors to match accurately!  How amazing is that?  And, to have it fully documented for the next generations to come!   That is dedication and pure love for their job.... I'm impressed!

It was a piece of history that brought out a passion in me that I just craved more & more all weekend.  Questions swirled in my head that by next morning I was itching to find Carl to pick his brain. Not only does he love Hazelnut coffee (haha), but he is a walking encyclopedia.  It was so interesting listening to him talk about color and the history of paint.  Carl's job is to create & name the colors!  How much fun would that be!?!   He is more than willing to talk paint & color all day long!  I don't know anyone else like that...nope not me!

A huge thank you goes out to the Benjamin Moore team - Jackie, Kelly, Ashley, Theresa and Carl and the Colonial Williamsburg team - Liza, Kris, Matt, Kristin and Kimberly for making this trip so fun, educational, and enjoyable!

Fun fact -

Did you know that Benjamin Moore was founded in 1883 by Benjamin Moore & his brother Robert in Brooklyn, NY?  Do you know how paint was made in the 18th century?  And, the burning question  at 3 a.m. I then had for Carl was... moving out of the 18th century and away from oil based paints, how did the Benjamin Moore make paints in 1883!?!

I hope you enjoyed a view through my eyes of the Historical Tour of Colonial Williamsburg!

And, if you have ever thought about going...please do!  You won't regret it!

With much love, peace & happiness

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