Thrifty Trip Tuesday #9

I promised to take you on a ride to one of my favorite thrifty digging spots...

We are headed to Kingston, NY to visit the Ulster County, NY Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Visiting the ReStore and making a purchase always leaves me feeling a sense of giving back to the community.  The proceeds help to build a home to help a family in need of housing.

You will see me reference Habitat many times in my blogs (or on facebook if you are a follower).

Not that I am running low in inventory, but when I am in need of furniture the ReStore is usually 1st on my list to hit up.  

Some days I simply need a fix so I venture into see what I can find.  

On this glorious day I set out to see what was in stock.  I found so many fabulous pieces of furniture.  One of the greatest things about the Kingston store is the inventory.  They never disappoint in the amount they have in stock.

It is always neatly displayed.

With easy to walk through isles.

They have great tags that give you the price, the date it came in, and when it is being marked down at a discount.

Unless a piece is drastically overpriced & will require a lot of work (in my mind) I will not haggle with them.  I do this because I really think most things are already marked at good prices, and I know that my money is going to aid in building a family a home.

I know it goes against every single thing I am about!

There is always a diversified amount of items that they have available...

A couple of my favorite items -

I wanted the chairs so badly, but have no need for the table (I have 3 tables currently, so if I even thought for one second about bringing this anywhere near my home...well I'd be living with our the doghouse).

This is a fantastic bedroom set.  It was in pristine shape!!  It had the pieces you see here, a bed frame, another dresser and 2 other side tables.  I was in love. Simply gorgeous...

Some tables with some pretty legs...

They have a whole other room full of bed frames, office furniture, kitchen cabinets, and industrial items...

If you are in the Kingston, NY area and looking for some quality furniture, this is a place to check out.

I have scored some pretty fabulous finds that will be making their debut on the blog soon.  

The folks are friendly and they are more than willing to help ensure you are able to load your items.  

With much love, peace & happiness 


  1. Wow, your restore has way more stuff than the one I've been to! Makes me want to take another trip out there to see what's new though :)

  2. Man. I hate living in a tiny town. Our ReStore is pretty junky, though I have found a few things here and there. I am jealous of the lovely things living in your ReStore! :)

  3. I love that store too. I think I need to run over to mine today and check it out again! I would love that butcherblock table for my kitchen!


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