Thrifty Trip Tuesday #8

I always love to see where others find their fun finds.  There are many times that I am super jealous of the finds or the thrift stores others have around or close by. 

Fortunately for me we have some pretty amazing digging spots around.  Plus we have a vast amount of auction sources.  Now that winter is coming my trips will slow a bit, but I will bring to you some of the thrifty finds all made over. 

Sometimes some of my very favorite items come from an extremely thrifty place….

The trash!

They do say “other people’s trash is another person’s treasure”, and I can attest to that.

I found this dresser not long ago as one of my neighbors was throwing it on the curb… Of course I went and got my husband to come help me.

See how thrilled he is? Yes!?! I may just humor you and let you see that look again...down the road (literally) :)

Look at the bones of this!! They don't make furniture like this anymore...  

You can read more about it here and the beautiful transformation!

And, then I found these chairs that I thought were kinda cool.  They were down the street from me, and as I was taking my little ones to school I stopped & grabbed the 4 of them.   My girls giggled the entire time.  They thought it was the funniest thing that mommy made the wheels squeal when I came to a screeching halt in the middle of our street.  

This dresser I found as I was taking a walk with our puppy.  Guess who I made go get it?  Yup… my hubby!  In my defense I had to be somewhere directly after getting home from my walk. 

Just the other day as I was walking to the bus stop I found this cool cart.

I couldn't text my husband fast enough to ask him to meet me down the road in 10 minutes... I of course did not tell him why!!!

I mean come on look at those goodies in the cart itself!!  By the way would you do with this cart?  I plan to fix it up, and make it decorative!!  I love this baby...

Oh... look who I found looking so thrilled I called him to meet me down the street :::insert slightly evil snark here:::

He's probably going to be the one to take over that cart anyway...  He was wheeling it around like he owned it already!

I dropped him & the cart off at the house, and ran down to pick up my little one from Pre-K and my eyes lit up when I spotted this great MCM side dresser on the side of the road.  I think my 4 year old was just as excited as I was about the fabulous find.

I would venture to say it was my lucky trash picking day!!  Every single one of these came from my neighborhood, and I'd like to knock on the door & ask if they have anything else they plan to throw out!  I'd also like to knock on the door & show them a before & after photo...

Here is a sneak peek at what this beauty looks like now...full blog coming soon.  It turned out amazing.

These treasures have been some of my favorite upcycles to date.  I mean first they were free, and I love free.  

Both of my girls eyes are trained to spot furniture on the sides of the road.  Anytime we pass a pile of trash, they both start scanning it over, and then asking if I see anything I think I should stop and grab.  I love it, and I hope that one day the love I have for saving someone else's trash & turning into a treasure for another carries on...

Until next time..

Much love, peace & happiness


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  1. Wow! I never find awesome finds like that out on the curb Lynn! I did once pull the to a screeching stop and grab a cute cafe chair from in front of a house on my way to work! It had one broken leg that a friend welded back into place for me. I still have it :-)


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