Cree LED Light bulb

We moved into our home in February 2012.  We had installed incandescent lights throughout.  Our bulbs were quickly burning out.  

My husband & I both had become annoyed with the fact that frequently when we flipped a switch a light would blow.  Even though they were putting out great light, they were burning out so fast. 

We were given the opportunity to try out the CREE LED light bulbs.  

I was excited to try these babies out.

If you guys don't hear from me after this post goes up, please know I am probably sitting in a closet with my hands tied behind my back.... See that face...that's a smirk that says "don't you dare" (doesn't he look thrilled to be involved)!!!  Moving on...

Let's fast forward...

This is before..

I never cared much for the color that came from our lights before.  They glowed, but there was a tad bit of a yellowing color.  I also always had a glare coming from the lights.  It was hard to take decent pictures of anything going on in our kitchen due to the lighting.  I took a good 15 pictures, and this is the only one that turned out ok.


After we made the change to Cree LED...

This was about a month after we changed out the bulbs.  You can see I have even rearranged my counter-tops!!  And, this is a real life shot of the start to cooking dinner!  

I love the no glare on the ceiling. It provides a ton of light.  And, I truly love the true color they put out.  They sit a little more recessed as they are much smaller than the light bulbs we originally had in place.

Both my husband & father said before we turned the lights on that they were worried they wouldn't put out much light due to the size.  When I flipped the switch the reaction from both men "OHHhhhh ahhh wow that's some great light".  

Some quick facts -
  • They turn on instantly, no wait time!
  • They are dimmable!
  • They put out a glowing light like an incandescent (but no yellowish color for me)!
  • But, they use 85% less energy than a incandescent!
  • They are cool to the touch!
  • They contain no mercury!
  • They have a lifetime of up to 25 years with average use (25,000 hours)!

They can be purchased at Home Depot!!

Taken at our local Home Depot

This is the lights we installed!

Note:  The FTC wants me to let you know that I received something for writing this post.  This post is sponsored by Cree, but as always all opinions are my own…I would’ve written this information anyhow.  

I love our Cree light bulbs and as we need to be replacing our bulbs, we will be making the change over to Cree.

With much love, peace & happiness


  1. I love how light bulds have come a long way. They are so much brighter too.

  2. We've also found the color of a light bulb changes everything.

  3. Thanks for this informative post! When we moved into our current abode we replaced many of the lights with CFLs because we bought a bunch of them on special at the time. I don't like them. Because the walls are painted white, the lights make everything look a glaring whitish-blue. It'd be nice to get some proper colour again.

  4. We have started changing ours out too! Expensive, but worth it

  5. This couldn't have come at a better time I promise you! as soon as you said the color was a whiter truer had me! oh and the dimmable part old ones...they hum on the lowest setting on my dimmer. I hate that!

  6. I have been trying to convince my husband to switch over to LEDs. He hates the CFLs (so do I, but he HATES them), and so we have incandescents. I think the energy costs alone will make it worth it! I will look into this brand. Thanks!


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