Being Featured!

Do you Hometalk?

I’ve heard all the buzz, and recently decided I needed to move on over to check it out for myself.  I am seriously addicted… 

I love social media, networking with others, virtually meeting like-minded souls. 

You see day in & day out I have a wide variety of things I do throughout the day.  Some days it becomes overwhelming.  I paint, I clean, I organize, I am a nurse, a teacher, a wife, a mom, a daughter.. 

Oh wait a taxi driver, a chef.. I missing anything?  
What I wouldn’t do is trade it for the world 
because it is my world & I love it.

But, what scores as a big bonus is when you throw one of your projects up on an interactive board where others can correspond with you, and it grabs the attention of so many other people.  

Hometalk featured me not once but twice in one day!!  So fun!

It is gratifying!  It is the pat on the back that puts a smile on your face & lights up eyes that even the darkest of clouds can’t wash away!

Not long ago I decided I should add my projects to Hometalk.  I’ve been so busy working on my blog, painting furniture, trying to just catch myself up that some outlets I hadn’t ventured onto.  But, I am happy I made the move. 

And, then very soon after Hometalk featured our bathroom vanity I did for our upstairs guest bathroom (girl’s), it turned out to be a big hit.  I was even asked to write up a post for another blog -

Tradewinds Imports

In all honesty, I really didn’t think much of the project when I did it.  I was looking for something not cookie cutter.  I was proud of how it turned out, but wow what a giant pat on the back I’ve received.

With that, I have pulled together a board with some of my favorite bathroom vanities.  Like ours none are cookie cutter, but all are completely doable. 

I hope you take a look by clicking on the link below. 

I love Hometalk, and what it is about.  You can find some really great projects, ask questions, find a pro or clip projects you like for later.  


  1. How did I never see your vanity!!! Its awesome!! Maybe I did and just forgot! LOL
    Great job curating!


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