Americana Decor - Relic & Primitive trunk makeover

I found this little trunk/chest at an auction...

You'd seriously kick me if I told you how much I paid for it!  Of course the day I walked in with it my husband gave me that look.

Oh I knew what his brain was saying...

Our conversation went something along these lines...
His mouth only allowed the words "oh this is....ummm...cute!?!" to come out.

Me:  Please... You do not think this is cute!  Because I definitely do not!!  Really do you really think I am leaving it this way!?!  :::insert major eye roll:::

Him: Well I don't know what you are thinking...

Me: Hmph..don't you know me better than this by now?

And, then it sat in my basement for a good year.  You know because I loved the way it looked...
....under the pile of other stuff I needed to move around to make it look like I was making progress!

Ok really...I forgot about it.

One day as I was looking for something else that was buried I stumbled on it (truth be known..a secret between us...I purchased 4 or 5 more and remembered I probably should rid of this one before he found it again, and asked me oh so gently what I would be doing with this "cute" chest/trunk thingy.)

It was a simpleton... Nothing spectacular about this sweet boy right here.

But, I changed that....

Painted him in Americana Decors Primitive.

And, gave him a nice outline in Americana Decors Relic.

And, I used a reverse stencil that I cut using my Silhouette Cameo on the top that I felt suited him well.  That stencil was a fun one to prepare for the reverse part of it... It was the longest part of the entire project!

I used liming wax to tone down the Relic and to create a nice steel grey color.

Gave him some wheels and he was ready to roll on over to Newburgh Vintage Emporium.

  He only lasted there for a very short time before he moved onto his new home.  I think he is going to be happy & well cared for!

Much love, peace & happiness


  1. Love it! (Is your husband still on the learning curve? Mine has now moved from the "I get it" phase to the "I can actually spot something good" phase, which is nice.)

  2. I am obsessed with trunks and that handiwork is WOW! Amazing talent- wil definitely keep reading your blog!

  3. This trunk came out great! The white color and the emblem on the top is gorgeous!

  4. WOW! You did an incredible job!! I am in love with this trunk!!! xo/Riva

  5. OH my goodness, it turned out so great! I'm not surprised it moved so fast.

  6. Wow! What a nice change! So by reverse stencil do you just mean you put the letters on the trunk and then painted over, then removed the letters? What a great use of your Silhouette!

  7. I really like this! You did a beautiful job.

  8. I love how the trunk turned out.. we have some old trunks in our home... you may have just inspired me to transform one of them!


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