Tide Oxi vs. Paint brushes

Note:  The FTC wants me to let you know that I received something for writing this post.  This post is sponsored by Tide, but as always all opinions are my own…I would’ve written this information anyhow.  

I was super exited when I was asked to try out Tide Oxi for many reasons, but the biggest reason is I seriously love so many products from P&G.  

The Magic Eraser has saved me more than once when my girls decided to color (errr more like take a sharpie rather than colors) and write on their playroom wall!! 

Pretty much every day I either have a paint brush in my hand or something to craft for my booth.  So, how could I use Tide Oxi in my everyday life? 

My mind swirled with ideas.  I decided I wanted to see what would happen with all of those paint brushes I fail to clean up after I am done with painting.  After putting in a full day of crafting, using stain, paint and Modge Podge my hands were covered in all 3…

I washed my hands with a little soap, Tide Oxi and water, and within no time my hands were perfectly clean and it was gentle on my hands.  No dark stain on my hands!  No glue sticky hands, and the paint lifted right off.  I was amazed.

I took Tide OXI out of the laundry room… and into my sink cleanup area.

Tide Oxi vs. hardened paint brushes…

I then took all of my brushes from the day (which by the end of the day were hard) and washed them.  Super clean and easy! 

My dirty, paint and glue hardened brushes were now clean.

I used a little soap, Tide OXI and water.  Not only does Tide OXI smell so good, it left my brushes soft.  

Since writing this post, I have also used a little Murphy’s Oil Soap mixed with the Tide Oxi.  The mixture is simply my favorite way to clean my brushes.

I now keep a jar with a scoop next to my sink where I clean my hands & brushes for easy access.  It doesn’t take much so a tub of the Tide OXI will last me long time….even someone that uses her paint brushes pretty much on a daily basis.

Some of the other things I’ve used Tide OXI on since seeing how well they cleaned my brushes –
  • I had several pieces of furniture to clean prior to painting.  Most of the time I just use a little TSP or a water/vinegar/lemon mix, but the pieces I had were coated with years of grime.  I mixed my Tide Oxi with a little water and used a sponge to scrub. (I used 1 part Tide Oxi to 4 parts warm water)
  • I had an upholstered chair that needed to be cleaned.  Again just mixing a little Tide Oxi with water, it cleaned the chair up nicely leaving it smelling fresh. (I used 1 part Tide Oxi to 4 parts warm water)
  • And, in the laundry…my shirt that I had gotten stain on it from staining the top of a table.  Normally I use old clothing but I had walked through the garage & I saw I needed to do a little touch up.  Like with food, I usually walk away wearing paint or stain.  I mixed a little Tide Oxi & water and sprayed on the stain and let it sit for about an hour.  I threw the shirt in the wash & to my surprise…no stain!
You can bring the cleaning power of Tide to your entire home.  From the driveway to the garage, from the basement to the laundry room, almost no household stain is safe from the virtually limitless cleaning power of Tide OXI Multi-Purpose Stain Remover.

Some great things to note about Tide Oxi –

  • You can pick it up just about anywhere.. Home Depot is my go to since I am there all the time! 
  • Mixing it with warm water to clean around the house not just the laundry room
  • Using it to lift stains from clothing.  In my case it usually stain or paint, my husband it is just heavy dirt from working in the yard, my girls it is usually markers, glue, watercolor paint and food stains. It works for the entire family..
  • It has a lovely fresh smell, but not an overwhelming take you over smell.
  • Oh there are over 225 uses but I’d clog up this entire post if I attempted to name them all.  You can get more ideas from Jonathan Scott of the HGTV show, Property Brothers here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2-dCXmHsZY

    I hope this tip helps you in cleaning up your paint brushes.  I know I am happy to have discovered it!

    Much love, peace & happiness


    1. I'm going to have to try this. My small people are constantly letting the paint brushes they use get hard without cleaning them.

      1. So do my little ones TaMara!! I guess I am partial to blame since they see mommy doing it,but not anymore :)

    2. Going to give it a try!!!! Thanks for sharing!~~Angela

    3. I have the hardest time getting my brushes clean. I am definitely going to give this a try, thanks for sharing!


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