Thrifty Trip Tuesday #5

I almost feel guilty for calling this a “thrifty” trip since everything in this cute shop is so very adorable.

We take a vacation to LBI (Long Beach Island) with my husband’s family every other year.  We rent a large house for us to stay for an entire week…Saturday to Saturday!  I will be blogging soon about this amazing year…so come back to see the house.  It was AMAZING!

A few years ago, prior to Hurricane Sandy, while on our vacation I had ventured into this store.  At that time I had barely started my blog since it was shortly after our fire.  I had yet to dive into redoing furniture. 

It was a day I had taken to myself…the fire was fresh, and my mom’s heart attack had just recently happened.  Needless to say, I had a breakdown of sorts.  This was a day that I just went…
shopping to clear the mind.

I remember that day very clearly.   It was the store that sparked a few inspiration ideas for me.  I just loved everything.  And, this store was just what the doctor ordered...

So…I had to go back while on this vacation!  When I walked in…the smell and the familiar surroundings gave me such a peaceful feeling.

Artifacts Consignment Boutique is owned by Amy and she is such a sweetheart.  The first day I had gone in I spoke with Melissa.  Who was so very kind and just dove right into the conversation about painting pieces with me...  I was seriously in heaven!

I had to go back to see if Amy was in the next day and introduce myself.  I couldn't leave the island without just saying hello at least... I am so glad I did...

I seriously could have stayed and chatted shop with each of them all day long, but they had customers in and out.  It's a busy little boutique...and rightfully so.  When you are as friendly & welcoming as they were...well who wouldn't be drawn in.

Amy also has a flower shop on one side of the store called The Container Garden.  I spied several fresh flowers & potted plants around that were to die for!

Not that I would call this place "thrifty"... It is far from Thrift Store.  Someone took the time to turn a piece of furniture from drab to fab or to find those special finds to clean up & bring into this shop for someone to enjoy for years to come!

Lots of reloved furniture, great salvaged items, and upcycled articles made this place feel like I was right at home!

You can see the love that has gone into each piece for sale.

Ahhhh...that beautiful yellow scale. 
The enthusiasm by both Amy & Melissa when talking with them about painting furniture...and finding vintage pieces. Their eyes lit up.  You could feel & see the passion the two of them have. 

I love connecting with others that have that same love & passion for bringing new life into something old, worn & tired!

I wish Amy all the very best, and so happy she made it through Hurricane Sandy for me to visit her again.  I will be back to visit in the years to come.

And, if you are around LBI for vacation, it is a must to go in and shop!  And, if you are on Facebook...go like Amy's page to keep up with the amazing pieces she has coming in & out of her shop.

I need to have these....  To die for!

With much love, peace & happiness


  1. Oh, I saw a ton of things I would want to buy!!

  2. Lots of eye candy here! WOW, I think I would have had a haul myself. Have a great weekend Lynn.


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