Thrifty Trip Tuesday #3

For today's trip I am going back in time once again..  to one of my favorite places to visit.

I found Philadelphia Salvage when I was searching around for salvage yards nearby via Craigslist.  It is a road trip for me, but one that I am glad to take.  I wrote about the venture HERE where I of course had to stop off at Geno's for a cheesesteak.

Driving through Germantown area of Philadelphia was a treat in itself.  With beautiful architecture that stories could be told that dates back to 1681!

As I walked into Philadelphia Salvage I knew I was in my element.  Salvaged parts, rusty things and old parts in every direction I looked.  I wasn't even sure where to start.

The guys (Martin, George & Andrew) were super friendly and more than willing to give a helping hand.  Giving me the history of pieces as we walked through scouring!

The place is jammed packed with history....
....I could hear whispers as I walked through, and if I had more time, I would have pulled up a chair and listened for a bit.  

I found this mantel that was salvaged from a home that was being torn down in Philly.  It was in the brinks of being permanently deleted from this life.  Martin said he ran in & told the demolition crew to wait...he could save it.  Thankfully he did!!

Above where the mantel was sitting hung this great sign.  Unfortunately it didn't come home with me.

It is a vintage crane sink with all working parts... And, will look amazing in our half bath that will be going into our basement (when we get to that....someday).

But, what originally drew me in was this gorgeous arched door that they had posted.

I dreamt about it...
....thought about it daily 
I had a vision that stuck to my mind and wouldn't release itself.  

I drove almost 3 hours... a true Lynn style road trip.. for the love of a door!  Even though I knew it had wood rot on the bottom (they were upfront with that info before I even drove down), it was coming home with me.  

I am so happy I did... my vision bloomed into this sliding pantry door!

If you are in the Philadelphia area or you'd like to take a road trip, I highly recommending stopping by and checking out all the cool things that Chris (the owner) and his staff has found.   Much of it saved from being destroyed, and given another chance at finding a place called home.

They also can be found on Etsy, Ebay, and Craigslist.  

I think a road trip to Philly is in my near future... I've spotted some pretty things that they've posted recently!!

Much love, peace & happiness


  1. I am sending this link to your post to my bestie Lisa who lives in Upper St. Clair....she is going to love this as much as I do! The Salvage yard looks amazing and I wish shipping wouldn't be an issue because I'd send you on a buying trip for me...I want that barrel and quite a few other things

  2. That arched door is gorgeous! Great find!

  3. that read round topped barn door is to die for!


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