Thrifty Trip Tuesday #2 - Lynn Fern

Thrifty Trip Tuesday #2

What I’ve learned from attending auctions is this….

No matter if it is cars, estates, art, furniture, antiques, or horses sellers choose an auction for multiple reasons; however, a buyer is there for one thing (usually)… BARGAINS. 

I love getting a bargain period.  I also love that in an auction there are lots of items in one place.  The adrenaline that pushes into my body when an item comes up that I really want is like no other.

Sitting, waiting until the lowest price that the auctioneer calls, and then raising your paddle to bid, and then sitting with anticipation that you've won the item….  

….it’s a fun feeling!

Saturday was no different, I packed up my dinner in my cooler & traveled off to one of my favorite auctions.  It’s more of a hike for me, but always well worth the drive. I usually always walk away shaking my head at just how cheap items go especially furniture at this particular auction. 

Like this beautiful Glass Cabinet ($100)!

Normally the things that go through earlier in the auction will go for more money, but this wasn't the case for this auction.  I picked up 2 items right off the get go.

I saw this cute toy horse made out of carved wood as soon as I walked around previewing items.

I almost fell off my chair when I actually won the bid and not one single person bid against me.  If you are a regular reader, you will know I have a soft spot for horses.  You can read HERE when I was featured on How I Found My Style and my rocking horse find (and, the story that goes with it).

I also picked up this little stool.

And, this beautiful Hudson Valley artwork.  Look at the frame!  I just love it…

My next score is these step back leather top side tables…

…and this chair that doubles as a ladder.

Being that I have a garage & basement full of furniture (HELLO Home Depot…if you’d like to donate a shed to the cause), I wasn't really looking for any large furniture at the moment.  I let a few great pieces go through!

Restraint…I was practicing restraint. 

I sat on my hands for several items including these beauties…
went for $175
went for $75

went for $75

went for $30
I missed out on some great items like…

I waited until the end of the auction, trust me I was tired & ready to go.  But, there was one item I was dying for!  I finally went up & asked the lady if it was going to go through.  She said she would take it up.

This is the anticipation I was talking about…

Full on anticipation with adrenaline pumping through my entire body at 10:30 pm.  Luckily I had a drive home so no need to stop off for that cup of coffee!

Jacobs Bros. Co scale…
Detecto Scale Company was started in 1900 in New York City by three immigrant brothers (The Jacobs Brothers) in the butcher supply business

….in red and with a perfect patina

I was in love! 

Finally…there she was up for bidding…
….at the end of the night!

And, score…. Not one bid against me! WHAT!?!

I brought her home. Where she will reside forever!

She has made herself right at home...

Most of my items always get made over, cleaned up and refreshed for my booth to sell, but some things just were meant to be a resident at our home… Fern Avenue!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks trip!  

What was your favorite item?  And, why?

With much love, peace & happiness



  1. Beautiful finds!! When I see older items like this it always makes me think of the stories it could tell if it could talk! Lots of family history wrapped up in stuff like that. My favorite item is the kitchen Hoosier! I LOVE those! The older, the better. I've always wanted one. :-)

  2. What a great scale! It's awesome, and I'd keep to, too.

  3. The scale is beautiful Lynn! I can't believe no one bid against you for it! You picked up some lovely treasures for sure!!!

  4. I think the "hunt" for a bargain can be the best part! You certainly scored some beautiful pieces and I was amazed at the low low prices on the beauties you restrained yourself from! :)

    1. Wendy... I love it & it can be a little addicting :) It was a hard restraint, but I am proud of myself for doing it.

  5. Wow, what cool finds! I don't think I have it in me to auction shop - I'm paralyzed by having to make quick, high pressure (even if only in my own mind) decisions.

    1. I used to be paralyzed by it, but then I always made sure I was there for previews, making mental notes of what I wanted & the most I'd pay. After the first jump it becomes so much fun!!

  6. What great finds. I used to love going to the Brimfield Fair in MA and stumbling upon treasures like the ones you found.

    1. Thank you Robin. Brimfield's is awesome... Do you ever go to the Elephant's Trunk Flea Market? I love going there as well..

  7. You found some many lovely things. I've never been to auctions but I love thrift store shopping you can find so many interesting and useful stuff. Not to mention vintage and antiques are my weakness.

    1. Thank you Jazmine!! I love going & it is definitely one of my weakness :)

  8. It's amazing what one can find at an auction. There's a fellow here who goes around town finding still-serviceable pieces in people's trash, fixes it up, and sells it at a profit.

  9. it is a stunning scale i luff the look in your kitchen

  10. I love the ladder/chair! I think my ILs have one just like it, actually. :)

    1. Isn't it cute Andrea? I loved it & thought it was just don't see them around like that.

  11. That horse!! Oh my gosh.. it is SCREAMING to be set up in a Christmas vignette.. I would have jumped all over it too!


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