For the love of soccer!

On Tuesday afternoon my husband came bouncing upstairs from the basement singing…it’s my birthday oh yay it’s my birthday.. 

Mind you his birthday is not until November!! SO as I was finishing up painting a bookcase that was soon to be heading into my booth... mind was wondering what he had up his sleeve!?!

He was given 2 tickets to the Liverpool vs. Manchester City soccer game from one of his clients that helps promote the club games. 

Liverpool has been my husband’s favorite soccer team forever. The chance of them coming to the New York area to play and for him to get to see them is….well “it’s my birthday” is appropriate!!

The game was being played at Yankee Stadium and we needed to pick up the tickets in Midtown.  Imagine traffic at 5 pm... NYC in midtown!!!!

Not the ideal situation when we were going from 37th street back up to 161st.  

we ditched the car and took the train back up to the stadium.

Our seats were AMAZING!!  We sat on field level just a few rows up on the right side of the goal. 

Just another plus side there was a Brother Jimmy's BBQ and they have yummy Frickles (fried pickles)!!

The stadium was full of red shirts.  Great fan turn out for Liverpool!!!  

Being preseason not all top players were playing, but we did get to watch Sir Steven Gerrard play.

The soccer clubs are in the US playing preseason tournaments, and so if the score is tied it goes to penalty kicks... And, we just happened to be on the goal side where the shoot out would be taking place.

I love sports, playing them, watching them, love it all (I am a competitive soul by nature) so it wasn't hard to convince me to become a soccer fan!  I didn't even know there was such a sport until I was in high school.  But, the love of soccer from my husband that played in both high school & college has transferred right on over to me.  

We won on penalty shots - 3 to 1!! 

Oh yay baby!!!  

Liverpool and Manchester City battled it out in the Premier League coming in 1st (Manchester City) and 2nd (Liverpool)!  This was a good victory even though it is preseason!! I will take it!

It was a perfect night to be at Yankee Stadium watching a soccer game with my husband! 
But, the night didn’t end there.  We headed downtown to Zum Schneider’s a Bavarian Bierhaus.  

If you are visiting the NYC area and enjoy German beer/atmosphere...this is the place to visit!

Hope you've had a fantastic weekend!

Much love, peace & happiness 

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