Sasquatch Hiking Club - Black Rock Forest

I grew up spending much of my days outdoors.  We hiked, camped, fished, rode horses, etc.  Lucky I married into a family that enjoys the outdoors & the sense of having those "family" moments.

We live in an amazing area that provides great hiking trails.  Literally right in our backyard.  The Hudson Valley of New York has stunning views and offers a wide range of a sense of outdoors.

Some of the pictures of the views are from a previous hike!

My brother in law put together a hiking club & named it the Sasquatch Hiking Club (we even have shirts).

Possible squatch siting >>>

There are several families that join us, we are all friends and have kids all around the same age.

From a previous hike this year

We try and go on several hikes each season as the weather permits.  We usually meet up at my brother/sister in laws home, have breakfast together & then head out to our trail for that chosen hike.

In July we went on a hike at Black Rock Forest.

Black Rock Forest is a nearly 4000-acre natural living laboratory for field-based scientific research and education, operated by a unique consortium of colleges and universities, public and independent schools, and scientific and cultural institutions.
  • The Black Rock Forest Consortium and its members, history, board, and staff.
  • The Black Rock Forest and its geology, biodiversity, and location.
  • The facilities and resources of the Forest, including labs, classrooms, housing, scientific instrumentation, environmental monitoring, and curricula.
  • The Forest’s award-winning green buildings, with sustainable design features that include geothermal heating and cooling, solar panels, composting toilets, and materials from the Forest itself.
  • The Forest’s publications, including its newsletter, species lists, and articles in scientific journals.
  • The School in the Forest, a program that offers the Forest’s resources and curricula to underserved urban schools.
 There is also a beautiful reservoir located on the hike that provided much entertainment along with a lunch break.

There are a couple of different trails you can take.  The one we chose was a little steep in the beginning, actually all the way until we reached the top of where the reservoir sits.  But, it was so well worth it.  Beauty right in our backyard.

All of the kids (ages ranging from 2 - 11) did amazing.  In fact, they led the pack at some points reading the map and following our color coded path.  I love that each one of our children enjoy the outdoors, exploring and loving all that has it to offer.

Black Rock Forest provides a great nature outing for all that not only includes breathtaking views, nature education for the kids (well and adults too), but brings out a sense of togetherness!

Once the hike is over we are not quite ready to call it a day.  Sometimes we don't take lunch breaks during the hike, so we head off to a local restaurant (or sometimes to the family pool at my in-laws) for a board of directors meeting to discuss the days events.  Ok really it is just an excuse to gather, eat, have drinks of choice and enjoy each others company.  After all we really are like one big family!

Happy Sunday!

With much love, peace & happiness

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