40! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me, 

Happy Birthday to me, 

Happy Birthday dear meeeee...

I am not usually one for all this attention, but I have to say it feels pretty darn amazing.  

I say if this is 40 then BRING IT ON!  I have been asked many times if I am feeling down or bad about turning the big FOUR OH... Nope not at all.  In fact I am feeling pretty darn good!  

First...  there is nothing I can do about it.  My birthday is gonna happen no matter what I do about it. So, why not embrace it!

Second...  I don't really feel any different today than I did yesterday.  Oh wait my back is hurting, and my knee, oh and my neck!  Ok maybe that's because I was painting chairs yesterday.. 6 of them in fact and there was a lot of squatting, bending and standing sometimes all at the same time (wait can you squat and stand at the same time...ok so maybe my mind is going just a little).  My body is not 20 anymore..got it!

Third... I am living a pretty fulfilled life.  I mean I have a wonderful husband, 2 lovely daughters that are healthy & full of love, family & friends that love me unconditional through my flaws, quirkiness, and my desire to talk all things DIY & blogging. 

Fourth... I am doing what I love.  I have a husband that fully supports the idea of me trying to make money with my painted furniture & DIY projects along with blogging.  After the Haven Conference he realizes that my friends (bloggers) are actual humans & not computers that I am conversing with (I brought pictures home to prove it).  

My painting furniture is my passion.  I love my work & being able to provide new refreshed pieces.  I feel accomplished.  I had the corporate gig at one point, and I loved it during its run, but the hours would kill me now with a family.  I enjoyed what I did & there are days I miss conversating with other adults on a face to face level.  But, I am loving even more having a day that is flexible where I can be home with my girls, be here for husband as a wife & partner, to help care for my father and to have sit down dinners each night with my family!  

Fun stuff from today...

I learned I share a birthday with Harry Potter, oh and Monica Lewinsky.  

I share a birthday with one of my 4 sisters..we were the only 2 delivered by a woman doctor, and the only 2 to have anything to do with horses...

Did you know the month of July was named after Julius Caesar?

I am a baseball fan & love the Yankees...  So in 1925 NY Yankee Lou Gehrig hit his 1st of 23 career grand slammers!!

On this day in 1984 Miss America Vanessa Williams relinquished her crown to first runner-up Suzette Charles. Pageant officials had asked Vanessa to give up the title after nude photos of her were published.


·         Gorgeous Grandma Day
·         Hot Enough For Ya Day
·         National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
·         National Hot Dog Day

So I have no reason to despise turning 40.  Nope!! I chose to embrace it...

I look forward to what this year has in store for me.  I hope you will enjoy the ride with me...it's gonna be fun & adventurous!!

With much peace, love & happiness

~ Lynn


  1. Happy Birthday! Celebrate BIG!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

    1. Thank you Cheryl!! Celebration has been underway & I get to continue the entire week :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Lynn! 40 is great….I think you'll love it! =) It was great meeting you at Haven a couple of weeks ago…..hope your day is super special! Hugs….xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Thank you Daune!! It was really great to meet you as well. You really gave me such a wonderful encouragement outlook!!! I have thought about our conversation multiple times. Big hugs!!

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    Thanks so much :)


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