DIY teacher gifts - Chalkboard terra cotta pots

I try and do something homemade each year for the end of year teacher gifts.  I love giving something that is homemade.  I know every year teachers get a ton of gifts & I just like to give something with a little "summer" feel.

I have 5 teachers between the 2 girls.  It is a lot to buy for if you get anything substantial.  I decided to do potted plants that could be transplanted to the yard if so desired.  It is a pot that could be used again, and if they don't have a green thumb....well they could use it on their desk as a pen, pencil, ruler holder ;)

I started with plain ole terra cotta planters that I purchased at Lowe's for $1.25 each.  I spray painted them with green chalkboard paint (I love the green).  I already had the paint on hand.

The paint dries really fast.  

Next I took this ribbon I picked up at Michael's for $3.99 and hot glued it around the rim.  

And, then tied a small bow and glued it where the 2 ends meet.

Once they were all set with the ribbon, I used a white chalkboard marker and wrote the saying "Thank for helping me grow"!!  And, on the bottom wrote the class they were in with 2013-14 with their name.

I also included on my Katie's pots "A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart".  Katie had Shea's teachers last year and that is a quote I used on a DIY project for them...I love that saying because it really holds true with the teachers these girls have been so lucky to have.

Katie has grown leaps & bounds and has truly matured over the last year.  I give a ton of credit to the teacher she has had. It really has been an amazing year that went by entirely too fast.  I can't believe I have a 1st grader.  I am so very proud of what my girl accomplished this year.  I see great things ahead for her.

And...the finished product..

I popped in a variety of brightly colored flowers into the pots...

The cost to do this was so minimal, but the outcome was really priceless!!  I love how adorable they came out.

~ Lynn

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  1. Hi Lynn, I hopped over from Angela's blog. Any friend of hers, is a friend of mine. lol! These pots are so cute! I am sure that the teachers loved them. It's always nice to let them know how much they are appreciated. Happy to be a new follower.


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