Still here...with a new addition to the family

I am still around..promise. 

We have had some exciting things going on around Fern Avenue. 

A couple of weeks ago when I was up at the booth a puppy came in that was up for adoption.  Oh she  was adorable.  I held her and that sat things in motion...

My oldest has been asking for a puppy for over a year now.  My thing was that if we got a puppy she would have to help clean up after it went outside to go potty.  For a long time she wanted nothing to do with that part of it.  So I stood strong until she agreed to help. 

When I showed her pictures of the puppy (mommy holding it) she made a promise that she'd help.

I grew up with dogs my entire life.  I loved having them around and enjoyed their company.  They truly are a mans best friend!

So we started the hunt for the right one.  I wanted to adopt from a shelter or a rescue puppy.  I put in our application at a few of the shelters & SPCA facilities and also at some of the rescue places.

Honestly I never had to go through this type of process.  I looked at puppies & when I found the one I wanted it went home with me. 

Anyhow over the last 2 weeks I took her to a couple of places, we looked, but no puppies under 6 months were available.  I looked online and found some that would be coming into the Sullivan County SPCA this last weekend.

I had gotten the call on Friday morning that our application was approved and we could come on Saturday to look at the puppies.

My girl was so excited.  Her & mommy left Saturday morning to run a couple of errands and then make the drive over (about an hour away). 

There were a couple of liters - boxer mixes, aussie mixes, blue heeler mix, and beagle/aussie mix. Her daddy & I looked at them on the computer Friday night.  He had a beagle/german shepherd mix as a kid.  He loved that dog.  There was a male beagle mix that he was instantly drawn to...and I agreed he was a cutie.  But, my girl was wanting a female.  Her & I talked about the pups on the way down.  Once we got there and started looking at them she wanted the only little female.  We were starting paperwork when the girl let us know that someone had already adopted the female but they hadn't marked her off the list. 

I explained this to Katie and she said she was ok with that.  We went back to look and she said she wanted this guy...

This is the pup that my husband had picked out.  That was that...he was coming home with us! 
We've all been enjoying our George and he has made himself right at home with us...

I've been working on furniture and have some great pieces to share with you....including this side buffet table that is now at my booth!!!



  1. George is adorable and I love his name!!!! Miss our little chats but we'll always be here so there's plenty of time to converse. Oh, have you been watching the Spurs?? Go Spurs Go!!~~Angela

    1. Thanks Angela. We are smitten with the little fella!! I miss our chats too... I have been watching the Spurs & I always think of you...always!! Miss ya!!

  2. For my 5th birthday I received a Beagle as my birthday gift. I named her after my parents first Beagle that had died, Rebel. Rebel and me hung out for the next 13 years. Best birthday gift ever.

  3. Oh she's adorable! I bet your kids just love her. We adopted a dog about 6 months ago and she has quickly become a member of our family. She just had to spend a couple of days at the vet (she had heartworms when we adopted her) and we sure missed her!

    I would love to know some details about that gorgeous round rug with red in it. I need a new rug in my kitchen. Can you tell me the brand or anything like that?


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