Six Years ago today...then & now!!

**Warning post is picture heavy!

Dear Kaitlyn Louise,

Sitting here reminiscing and looking through pictures it brings a sense of sadness but with that sadness brings great joy!!   I've never shared our story with you... It was a scary entrance into the world and I am thankful every single day for you!!

From the moment I found out I was going to be having a baby, you kept mommy on her toes.

I was sick my entire pregnancy, from morning to night sickness and such!  But, we were super excited to be knowing that you'd be a welcomed addition to our family!

On Friday night before your due date I had started contractions. A month prior I had been hospitalized for a week & we did all we could do to keep you with mommy just for a bit longer...thankfully it worked.  But, mommy was placed on strict bed rest.  I figured they were false contractions & we'd be waiting for several more days even though we could hardly wait to meet you.  Unfortunately very soon after the contractions I realized it had been some time since I had felt you move.  You my sweetness were a rock n roller.  On the go constantly....that still today holds true!  Every single morning without fail at 2:00 a.m. you woke me as you swam around my belly kicking and flipping and doing whatever it was that caused me to wake.  I'd always lay with my hands on my belly and feel you move around until finally you'd go back to sleep.  And, when you are ill, 2 a.m is your magic time to wake...

I had gone onto bed hoping to get some rest.  I laid awake much of the night... 2 a.m. came & went without a single movement from you.  By 3:30 a.m I had drank a full coke laid on my left side, by 4:30 a.m I had downed a glass of OJ and jumped in the shower (the running water over my belly always had you on the go).  By 5 a.m. I was still having contractions and they had increased to 3 - 5 minutes apart, but still without movement.  I woke your daddy & told him I was calling our doctor to see what I should do.  

Dr. Shaw was the doctor on call.  He told me he thought I was in labor, and to go on into the hospital he'd meet us there.  He said that he'd have an ultrasound ordered since it was Saturday and this way we would have a minimal wait for a tech.

We were at the hospital by 7:30 a.m.

I was in triage and hooked up to the monitor to check your heart rate.  Sigh of relief entered my mind once I heard the heartbeat!!  It was STRONG!  But, I still felt there was something not quite right. 

mommy had an ugly cry face...daddy thought it'd be a good time to snap a photo :/

The nurse was one of my prior admitting nurses so I felt comfy with her.  She said my contractions had slowed down & since there was heartbeat we'd probably go home & return once contractions were strong again.  Daddy wasn't having it.. He told me we wouldn't be leaving without a baby!!

I was wheeled to ultrasound around 10 a.m. and was in there for about 30 minutes, the tech walked out and came back to say they'd read the ultrasound on Monday (we were confused).  But, she had a funny look on her face.  She said I am taking you on back to triage...strange since they normally call for a transporter.  I tried to not read into it.

We entered triage, I heard the tech & one nurse exchange words but I couldn't make out what was being said.  I was helped back into the bed and hadn't even laid down when I heard "Fern"...looked up to see a nurse holding an IV, needles & a line.  I thought it was for the pregnant lady across from us that was screaming bloody murder and they had made a mistake since there were 4 of us in the triage area!

The nurse looked at me and said you are going into emergency OR!! The look on my face must have said it all.  She said "you haven't spoken to Dr. Shaw yet?"!  What had happened was, we had beat our doctor back down from ultrasound.  He was up at ultrasound looking over my scan (the tech knew that she needed to get us back down quickly).  Dr. Shaw was prepping his surgical team and he hadn't had a chance to let us know what was getting ready to take place.

The nurse said she was sorry that she dropped it on us like that, she thought we had already talked to the Dr.  She said we are going in for an emergency c-section and that Dr. Shaw would be in shortly to let us know what was going on. 

I went into shock, shaking and quivering all over!  I was scared! Dr. Shaw came in & said even though we have a strong heartbeat, the baby is in serious distress.  We need to go on to deliver.  We could induce, but if we did there would be chance you would not be born alive.  My heart sank!!  What had happened, what is about to happen?? 

Within the next 10 minutes I was prepped and rolled into the OR, daddy was handed scrubs and asked to wait outside while they administered the epidural.  I had a very hard time holding still for them, but Dr. Shaw stood in front of me, holding my shoulders and helping to steady me.  Compassionate...I'd say so!!  He made sure he talked me through the entire process...

Daddy was brought into the room.  I was a tad on the "out of it" side and had a hard time focusing on what was going on.  I honestly don't remember much during that time.  

You were born at 11:21 am on March 22, 2008 weighing 7 lbs 2 ounces!  You did not cry at first (mommy was so scared).  

I finally got to see you...

At some point I had no fluids and this created you to go into distress.  During that time not sure when or how you had in true Katie fashion gotten the cord wrapped around your neck not 1 or 2 times but 3!!  I am forever grateful that I trusted my instincts and that I had a doctor that listened to me & sent me onto ultrasound!!  

You have been such a joy in our lives.  You have some of the most amazing qualities!!  You still SIX years later keep daddy & I on our toes.  

You have always been a happy baby...smiling and giggling!!

One of my all time favorite pictures!!
You are beautiful, loving, caring, full of spunk & fun!!
6 months old

You love your sister like there is no tomorrow...

You love ballet....

Soccer has become a fun sport for you & daddy to enjoy together...

You started Kindergarten this year & you are thriving...

1st day of school...

You are growing up so fast, and I can't believe that today you are 6!

Waiting for your medal for your 1st year in ballet/tap

My Sassypants

You are inquisitive, sassy, and you love to be challenged!!

You love your family and love spending time with them! You love swimming, going on beach vacations, playing outside, going to the movies with your cousins, and you have a zest for life that fills my heart with smiles!

 It amazes me on a daily basis how quickly you are becoming the young lady that you are!!

Daddy & I love you more and more everyday!  You are the ray of sunshine that made us a mommy & daddy!  

Thank you for keeping me on my toes even though there are days that I may not seem appreciative...I am!!  You challenge me to be a better parent...

Happy Birthday Little Bear!! 

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  1. Oh what a beautiful story - Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl - may she have many many more.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely story.


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