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If you follow me or you are friends with me on facebook, you would have seen that I had asked if anyone had GERD (or acid reflux). 

I was diagnosed with GERD and a hiatal hernia almost 2 years ago.  I have been taking medicines, trying to regulate my diet (not dieting just watching the foods I eat), etc.  Unfortunately I've had no luck in the pain declining.  I did go for a good while of less pain. 

I go through spells of a major flare up.  I get super nauseated and get sick.  This usually will last anywhere from 3 weeks to a month.

I've been working with my doctor & we've made some medication changes.  We've also discussed in depth what other changes I could make to try to help.  I am not wanting to have the surgery that is available. 

The first thing was let's start with my diet. 

I needed to clean it up.
Our house generally eats pretty healthy with the exception of the occasional pizza.  But, we eat lots of fruits & veggies.  However did you know some of those fruits & veggies are not good for those that suffer from GERD?  I did not!!  I love broccoli and cabbage, but those are two veggies I will have to stay clear of going forward.

Recently I had another horrible flare up.  It takes me down & really kicks my butt.  I am tired of feeling like crap especially during the flare ups.  It makes me feel ill until I get back under control.

I decided I wanted to detox!! So I searched around for what I felt would work best for me.  First and foremost I don't want to lose weight (now I know I am going to shed a little, but I will figure that out later).  I wanted something that was going to help me clean myself up and help me move forward with a different eating pattern.

I chose to go with Advocare.  

I know the products as I've used them before.  I really love the Spark drink that they have.  I set out to buy my food, prepared my mind & body, and I then started the clean up process 8 days ago!!  Let me just clarify that NO you are not sitting in the bathroom 24/7!!  It is more about food portions and clean food eating.  

With GERD food portions are extremely important as you don't want to fill up your belly so much that it pushes on your esophagus area.  This expands your stomach area and creates lots of discomfort.  For me it physically makes me sick and I hurt immensely.   

Since I've been on the 10 cleanse....I feel FANTASTIC!!  I did give up coffee and I only had a horrible headache the first day, the second it was minor and by the third I was set to go.  I use the orange flavored Spark as my morning warm beverage with a little cinnamon (thank you Mondee for the tip)!!

I am eating 5 - 6 mini meals a day and by the end of the day I am satisfied.  Once I finish the 10 day process I will do a complete blog post about how I feel.

I am doing the entire 24 challenge because I really need to be held accountable for staying on track and creating a "routine" eating schedule for myself.

I like being healthy and always have.  Do I feel I could've done this without going through this process?  No!! I've tried.  

GERD is truly evil.  And, if you suffer from it you know exactly what I am talking about.  GERD has made my life miserable at times & I hate that I can't eat what I want, when I want, but I also hate feeling so awful.

So I choose to give up certain foods that we are so accustomed to eating.  I will make this work for me and I am not giving up!!

I will also be doing a blog post with different recipes, foods, and snacks I ate while doing the cleanse.  I hope that if you are a sufferer of GERD you find a way to help with the pain & discomfort it has caused you.  I also hope you will share some of your recipes with us here.  And, please feel free to ask questions.  


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  1. GERD is awful and you are right to want to take care of it without surgery! (I have a horror story about that--not mine, thank goodness.)


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