Layered Sage Green and Mustard Yellow Table

I had this table that I had gotten a while back from an auction (of course I do not have a before picture).  I liked the 2 drawers, and the sturdiness of the table.  It is well made.  I didn’t like the color and it had some pretty big gouges in the top & side of it.  It looked like someone had taken a screwdriver and jammed it in and pulled it all the way down the top. 

I had originally painted it green and used dark wax on it.  The wax caused me some big problems.  It clumped up and made it look well not as pretty as I would have liked.

 I liked the color but did not like how the wax sat in... I wasn't happy at all. And, no matter what I did I could not get the wax to even out on the entire piece.

I tried a few different things but basically the only way to fix the wax problem was going to be to sand it completely away.  I am impatient some days – true story!!

I have been wanting to try layering mustard yellow over green anyway.  So I had the perfect scenario.  If I didn’t like it, I’d just sand it down and start over at that point...I was in no hurry (HA...patience issue remember).

Well if it luck wouldn’t have it I loved it and still love it.  It has the perfect layering effect.
I even did a decoupage on the back, but naturally being the "not so in a hurry kind of person" forgot to take the picture. It looked super cute & sweet.  And, you'll just have to trust me on that :)

I like mustard yellow…I always have.  I like the sunshiny feeling it brings.  And, I do know it’s not for everyone, but neither is white or black or red...and that is the beauty of painted furniture!!  If you don't like the color, well I can change that for ya. 
It appeared as though someone else liked it as much as I did...

I took it to the booth yesterday and it sold before I even had it staged or even a price tag on it!!  Now if all of my pieces would sale that quick!!!


  1. it's very cute - I like it much better in the yellow - congrats on the sale!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG


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