Jade Garden Washstand

Another one I don't have before photos.... I am super sad because this guy was a disaster and I wasn't even sure I'd be able to save it!

It still doesn't have a back on it (but it will soon).  The back was missing completely.  The top had holes in it.  There were giant worm holes all over the bottom & the washstand handles on both sides were broke and not fixable.

BUT...it was FREE!  

It was so dirty that back in the fall I took it outside and hosed it down & let it sundry.  I know I am crazy, but it had been sitting outside for who knows how long (years....).  Once it was dry I wiped & cleaned it with vinegar water.

I filled what holes I needed to fill.  I put a coat of white on it.  And, then well it sat for oh I'd say about 3 months...maybe longer.  I had more important things going.

But, then I had a place for it!!  It had been on my mind for a while and it was the perfect piece.

I love the color...  It is a sample color I picked up at Home Depot called Jade Green.  It is more of a bluish color...
If you look closely at the bottom where the white spots are, that is where a ton of worm holes are located.  A big part of the bottom was rotted out.  Some of the inside of the drawers (mainly the back part) had big holes & broken off pieces.  I must really love to save pieces from making it to the dump :)

I finished it off with Lime Wax to give it a little more of a dated piece. 

I lined the drawers with some paper I ordered from World Market a while back.

The lighting with the clouds has been awful (hopefully you get the idea :) )

It fits the space well.  And, gives me a great place to put my linens for the table.

~ Lynn

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