Haven Conference 2013

Who has two thumbs and heading to Atlanta come July? 
This girl right here!!!

I am not sure how I can even begin to express my excitement!!!!!  
I just bought my ticket……  My ticket to HAVEN! 
I have been blogging for a little over a year and I really love it.  It is work don’t get me wrong.   There are people out there that don’t get you, get what you are doing, why you are blogging and how in the world does it take so much of your time.

Blogging takes time.  If you take pictures, you need to upload and edit.  Sometimes you find inspiration from another blog and therefore you will need to provide information from the blog, giving the proper shout out, providing links, etc.  And, this is just barely touching the beginnings of blogging.  More goes into it than just sitting down and typing out some words.

Blogging for me started out to write about the fire our family had gone through.   It provided a place to let it out.   Then I started working on furniture & rebuilding our home that included decorating from scratch.  (I will be honest here & tell I never thought I had a creative or artistic talent bone in me...this is for a whole other post, but for those of you that think you can't do it I am here to tell you that you can)! I then started following more DIY, crafters, home décor bloggers.  I connected with many of them and soon found out I had lots in common with them.  The more I’ve done around my home & with furniture I realized people look at blogs for inspiration and to get ideas/help for what they are doing. 
This just gets into the basics.  The power of adding Pinterest and Twitter to your blog adds a whole new level of followers and more inspiration.  I will admit it.. I've lost a full day to Pinterest!!
It's been a whole new world to me!

I’ve enjoyed getting to know so many people that I otherwise would never have met. 

I’d like to see my blog do a little more.  I’d also like to learn a little more about this world I’ve been loving so much.  I’d also really like to meet some of the bloggers and connect with them….face to face interaction. 
I wanted to go last year, but my nervous feeling got the best of me.  I procrastinated and before I knew it tickets were completely sold out.  I promised myself if I had kept up my blog throughout the year I was going to go this year!!! 

I am looking forward to attending Haven this year…  I am pairing up with Dagmar from Dagmar's Home Décor.  It is going to be a fun weekend!!

Are you going to Haven?  If so, please say hello…I’d love to meet you!!

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