A new adventure coming to you very soon!!

Tomorrow is the day!  I get to move into my new booth space. 


We are looking at opening on March 1.  I can't tell you how excited we all are about this coming to fruition! 

This is the start of something great... I feel it.  Newburgh Vintage Emporium is right up my alley!!  There will be some pretty awesome vendors that offer some great items.

So if you like antiques, vintage, repurposed, upcycled, and unique things then this is the place for you to visit!

There is also an area that will be set-up for classes/workshops if you are interested in learning about painting. 

I am also excited about this venture due to what it is going to bring to Newburgh & with the revitalization that is in the works.

There have been several features in Newburgh Restoration!!  You can read about it here which also includes features of some great things coming to Newburgh.

 Some of the great vendors that will be coming to Newburgh Vintage Emporium include the following -

Dagmar Home Décor - You can find Dagmar's blog HERE
Dagmar offers homemade soy candles.  Look at this cute basket she put together -

Zoey's Uber-Chic Loft - You can see the amazing work offered on Facebook HERE
Cute dresser offered by Zoey's Uber-Chic Loft

Mission*Mod - You can see some of the fantastic vintage jewelry that will be offered HERE
Some of the rings offered by Mission*Mod -

I will have a 10X10 space (booth #23) where I will be offering a variety of furniture and items found at auctions, estate sales & thrift stores. 

Some of the items that I will be bringing to my booth tomorrow include -

Jewelry Armoire

Pair of Oval Side Tables

Tea Cart
I will also have a variety of pyrex and other small goods. 

I am looking forward to what lies ahead this year & this one of those big pieces that has me giddy with excitement that is tough to contain!!

Come see us!!



  1. That is HUGELY exciting!!! I have loved watching you just blossom like crazy with your creativity and to see your business grow and grow. Great company you will be keeping. xo and all the luck in the world! Shan

  2. YAY!! Best of luck to you, my friend!

  3. How exciting! I would come shop it if I lived closer!:)

  4. Congratulations! I know you will do great and your new adventure will be everything you hope for!!! Good luck!~~Angela

  5. Lynn - this is so exciting! I am wishing you all my best for GREAT SUCCESS with this new project!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  6. Hi Lynn,

    it was wonderful to meet you today and now I see you mentioned my blog, how kind!

    This IS going to be an amazing adventure. Looking forward to talk more.

    Dagmar's Home


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