Tweaks to our bedroom

When we moved in I just put the dark furniture with the most storage space in our bedroom.  We plan to open the space above the garage which is right next to our bedroom.  This will then become my (and, of course I will share with my hubby) closet space.  But, until then (it costs lots of money to do this, and we have bigger projects outside that won priority) I had to make do with a smaller closet.  So...we needed lots of drawer space. 

You can see our master bedroom space in the home tour here.

You don't see but around the corner was a big armoire that I kept some of my clothes in.  That is the armoire I made my husband & brother-in-law move downstairs to the cubby area that ended up not fitting.  It was really just too much.

I knew I was'tn finished with our bedroom.  I knew I wanted to make some changes.  I had my curtains & such, but knew I didn't want to stick with dark furniture.  So...  I will show you the pieces in separate posts, and then I will give you a full reveal.

The first piece I did was for my husbands side of the bed.  I purchased this oak dresser from an auction for $50.

It needed to be refinished.  I had put it off because I wasn't 100% certain where it would end up.  The drawers were perfect.  It was just a little to orange in color for me....although a lovely piece.

 I wanted to lighten our room up & make it feel a little more romantic & cozy.  This was the first piece I attacked.

I painted it Antique White.  

I gave it a nice little distressing....

And, finished it off with Maison Blanche amber wax

We are having a dreary fall day, but the little & I are headed out for lunch together and the ballet.  I hope you all have a fantastic day!!

Our view this morning from the deck while having a nice warm cup of coffee!!


  1. Awesome totally freshened up that piece!

  2. It looks great, Lynn! What a view you have from your!


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