Spanish Moss Armoire Makeover

I have been on the search for an armoire for our cubby in our stairway.  It had been holding the wrapping paper dresser I had done sometime back.  You can read about that here.

This cubby space has given me a run for my money.  

I had purchased this armoire for the space.

It was in some serious need of TLC.  I cleaned it up, took off the broken rope that is on the panels, and then oiled it down with some hemp oil.  It turned out gorgeous.  BUT, guess what?  It did NOT fit the space.  See the space is just over 40" but the bottom with the trim is just right around 39".  I got this guy from an online auction and the ad said 39", but when we went to put it in it's home it didn't go.   We measured it and sure enough it was 40".  That meant we would need to cut the trim.  NOPE not gonna happen.

So I dealt with it by putting the dresser which fit, but I still wanted something to hang coats in/on.  I continued on with the hunt.  I found a couple of pieces but the prices were either too much money or just not exactly what I wanted.

I needed want it to be functional to hang coats in for our guests.

I had an armoire in our bedroom that I even measured and it was 38" would fit.  YAY I thought!  My brother in law came over to help move it down because it is OMG heavy.  They got it down the stairs & guess what!  The top has a crown and it was 42"...UGH!

I felt defeated!  

I ventured into Habitat Restore last Thursday on my way home from the field trip with my oldest. There was a tall cabinet (kitchen pantry) that had a top & bottom that was perfect.  It was 37" and would be just perfect.  I'd rework it & put rods in it for coats up top.  The bottom would be the kids for backpacks, coats and for shoes/boot storage.

I helped load the SUPER tall cabinet in my van (it fit and was able to shut the back door...we were all amazed).  My friend that works there, older gentleman that I dearly enjoy chatting with, was there that day.  He's beyond the nicest person ever!  Anyhow, I told him that I was just gonna run upstairs to see what had come in....  And... This stood there -

Needs just a little love!
I ran...literally stumbling all over my own feet.  I asked if there was any possibility I could trade them out.  The girl said well we don't do exchanges, but let's go look.  Once we were up there she agreed that she'd be willing.  It was my lucky day. 

Inside...  I put the little rug in there. 
I was instantly in love!  All the way home I was dreaming of just how it was going to look.  And, then... it hit me.  Who wants to walk a few stairs to hang their coat instead this would most likely be a perfect fit for this spot as you walk in the front door.

I had been moving furniture for 2 days prior & my poor husband was going to kick me square in the butt.  But, it would be perfect!!

I originally had the telephone chair there... it had to be moved, but where...oh yes where the hall tree sits. where will my hall tree go..  Oh yes & that is where it hit me!!  It will go in the cubby! Perfect for the girls to hang their backpacks and put their little shoes in the drawers!  

It really is a perfect spot and has been function-able.  The telephone chair sits where the hall tree was, which actually works better as well.  And, so then you ask the title up there ^^^  says MAKEOVER.

 Would ya like to see?

I painted it Spanish Moss by Maison Blanche distressed it lightly and waxed it with a color called Amber by Maison Blanche.  I love how it turned out!!

I put a metal basket for boots

It is perfectly placed so when you walk in the door you can hang your coat right up.  I scored this beauty for $20 and I had the paint and wax already.

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!

~ Lynn


  1. Lynn,

    Love it! I am a big fan of the color. Such a big fan that I looked down at my shirt...and guess what color it is? I am very happy that you found something to fit. That can be a bigger challenge than first thought!


  2. It looks awesome, Lynn, and right at home in its new spot. I can't believe you got this beauty for twenty dollars. I swear you are the best deal finder in blog land!


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